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rubber ball

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Q: Would a wooden ball bounce higher or a rubber ball bounce higher if dropped from the same height?
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What will bounce higher then a rubber ball?

A glass ball will bounce higher than a rubber one.

Does rubber or leather basketballs bounce higher?


How does the mass of a ball affect the height of its bounce?

The more air the rubber gets stronger and then bounces higher.

How does temperature effect the height of the bounce of a rubber ball?

A higher temperature will excite the molecules in the ball. It then becomes slightly bigger and thus will bounce higher. A lower temp. does the opposite.

Why does rubber bounce higher than plastic?

Rubber will bounce higher than plastic because the rubber has more elastic qualities. A rubber ball will give a little when it hits the floor and a plastic ball will not.

How high does a rubber ball bounce?

A rubber ball bounces depending on how high its dropped from and what type of surface it hits.

If A rubber ball is dropped on the floor what force causes it to bounce?

kinetic and potential energy.

How does temperature affect how high a rubber ball will bounce?

if a rubber ball is heated up it causes the molecules' energy to increase. as a result it exerts more pressure which causes it to bounce higher. heat also make the rubber a little softer so it will give the rubber ball a higher bounce.

Why do small rubber bouncy balls bounce higher than other balls?

because they are made to bounce

Does rubber bounce higher than leather?

why dont you try yourself.

Why do glass balls bounce higher than rubber balls?

They don't.

Why do rubber balls bounce?

Explanation: When all three balls are dropped from the same height, the rubber ball will bounce the highest because it has the greatest elasticity. When the rubber ball hits the ground it gets compressed, or squished, and because it is very elastic, it quickly returns to its original shape.

Will a rubber basketball bounce higher than a leather basketball?

A rubber basketball will bounce higher than a leather basketball of equal internal pressure. The leather covering adds additional weight and is less flexible.

Will a rubber ball will bounce higher on cement or grass?

It will bounce on cement because cement is hard and solid and grass is soft

Why do different balls bounce higher?

some balls are made of different materials, like one may be made of rubber and one may be made of plastic, if you drop them from the same heght and measure how high they each bounced, the rubber ball is gonna bounce higher. Also it can have to do with the size of the ball, ir you have two rubber balls, one 8 cm. in diameter and one 16 cm. in diameter and you drop them from the same height the bigger one is going to bounce higher. Hope i helped :-)

What substance causes rubber to bounce?

latex in the material causes rubber to bounce

When you drop a rubber ball on the floor it bounces almost to its original height what causes the ball to bounce?


What type of energy allows a rubber ball to bounce higher than a plastic ball?


Will a ball of glass Bounce higer then a ball of Rubber?

it is scientifically proven that a ball of glass bounces higher than a ball of rubber. No cause the glass would break if you drop it to high and the rubber one would not ! It depends on wether or not your counting the height the shards fly up.

Which type of material will bounce the highest a tennis ball or a rubberball?

A ball of glass will bounce higher than a ball of rubber. A ball of solid steel will bounce higher than one made entirely of glass. It is a common misconception

Why would a big rubber band ball bounce higher than a small rubber band ball?

it has more elasticity and potential energy

A rubber ball has the property that on any bounce it returns to one third of the height from which it just fell Suppose the ball is dropped from 114 m how far has the ball traveled the fourth t?

the fourth hit will be approx 1.4 metres

Will a AA battery bounce if it is dead?

If you mean bounce as like a rubber ball bounces, the answer is no. An AA battery will behave exactly the same if dropped regardless if it's fully charged or completely empty.

Does a glass ball bounce higher tha a rubber ball?

No, the glass ball would probably break. And the rubber ball allows for an elastic collision.

Why does a dead battery bounce?

If by bounce you mean like a rubber ball bounces: The bounce, or not is determined by the mechanical properties of the battery, and these doesn't change with the battery being charged or not. Dead, or fully charged, a battery will behave just the same when dropped.