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Q: Would best specifies the purpose of error bars on a graph?
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What is a mystery graph?

A graph whose purpose is inexplicable!

What type of graph to use for comparisons?

Either a bar graph or circle graph. A lot of other graphs would work such as pictographs, but those two serve the purpose well.

What is the main purpose of line graph?

The main purpose of a line graph is to show changes and patterns in the changes

What is the purpose for a graph?

its a guideline

Why is a graph not sufficient?

It can be - depends on the purpose.

You can use a table or graph to what your findings?

You can definitely use a table or graph to what your findings. You can use a bar graph for this purpose for example.

Explain the purpose of a pie graph?


What is a purpose of a graph?

To visually display information.

What kind of graph is used to compare different kinds of data?

Any graph can be used for such a purpose.

What graph should you use to compare the number of games won by each sport team at a school?

The best graph for the purpose of comparing raw numbers between different qualitative categories would be a bar graph or some variation thereof.

What is the purpose of a coordinate graph?

Plotting geometrical properties on it

What is the purpose of the line graph?

to show a time role