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If you need a hip replacement, then age is not an issue.

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Q: Would i be too young at sixty six for a hip replacement?
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Where can one find more information about hip replacement surgery?

If one were to research about hip replacement surgery they would be able to find an abundance of information from visiting their local doctor. Before heading to a doctor, many questions about hip replacement would be able to be found in a library aswell.

Can you ride roller coasters with a hip replacement?

that would depend upon how long ago the replacement was performed.

How long after hip replacement can you fly?

How long after hip replacement can i fly and how long after have sex

What are the treatments for hip dysplasia?

Hip resurfacing or total hip replacement

Does the abbreviation THR stand for total knee replacement?

No. THR in that context would stand for total hip replacement. TKR would be the acronym for total knee replacement.

What bone leg is involved in hip replacement?

The femur is the leg bone involved in hip replacement.

Why is your replacement hip squeaking?

A replacement hip should not be squeaking. Contact your surgeon regarding this. There may be a recall on the replacement hip, or there may be a more simple solution. Do not assume that this is normal.

How soon after hip replacement surgery can you donate blood?

blood plasma donation after total hip replacement

Which equipment would assist the patient with the activities of daily living with a total hip replacement?

. A patient with a total hip replacement requires special equipment. Which piece of equipment would assist the patient with the activities of daily living?

Best Hip replacement surgeons in Chennai?

Hip Replacement or hip arthroplasty is a surgical procedure to treat the damaged portion of the hip. A person who performs this procedure by making certain incisions to remove the damaged part of the hip and replacing them with prosthetic implants is a Hip Replacement surgeon.

What is a doctor who performs hip replacement called?

An ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON is the type of doctor that preforms hip replacement surgeries.

What is hip arthropathy?

Hip arthroplasty is a hip replacement. Arthropathy is any joint disease.

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