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Whatever is required by the context of the question. Whether or not the number is negative gives no indication as to whether to add or subtract.

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Q: Would you add or subtract to negative numbers?
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Related questions

How do you add and subtract negative and postitive numbers?

If both numbers are positive, simply add them as you learned in 4th grade. If both numbers are negative,simply add them but add a minus to the answer. If one is positive and the other negative, ignoring the signs,subtract the smaller from the larger and add the sign of the larger to your answer.

Why two negatives is a positive?

I feel that two negatives are positive because you add* your two negative integers* together, you would be doing this: -+- (negative + negative) so the response is, is that if two integers where both negative, you would add, just like if there were two positives, you would add, but not if you have different signs. (positive+negative) you would subtract. Just as the same with negative + positive. [REVIEW: if the sign is the same, add, if the sign is different, you subtract.] *=you may not always add *=integers- a fancy word for numbers.

How do you subtract negative numbers from positive numbers?

The negative sign will change to a positive sign when subtracting negative numbers from positive numbers so you will simply add them together.

Adding and subtracting negative and positive numbers?

when youre adding negative numbers, you add them and put a negative sign (ex: -6 + -5=-11) when you add negative and positive numbers(ex: -9 + 7) you subtract the numbers and take the sign of the bigger number (9-7=2, so the answer is -2 because the bigger number, 9, is negative when you subtract 2 negative numbers you add them together and put a negative sign when you subtract a neg. number and a pos. number (ex: -8 - 3) you add the numbers but the 3 becomes negative so the problem becomes -8 + -3. the answer is -11

How is adding and subtracting decimals similar to and different from adding and subtracting whole numbers?

You write down the numbers you want to add and subtract, making sure the decimal points are aligned. Then, you add (or subtract) EXACTLY as you would add or subtract integers. The decimal point in the solution should be aligned with the decimal points in the original numbers.

When multiplying binomials that turn out negative do you add or subtract exponents?

When multiplying numbers with exponents, you add the exponents.

How do you know if a number will be positive or negative when adding?

Numbers are positive unless they have a minus sign (-) in front of them, in which case they are negative. As for the sum of positive and negative numbers, just add them up and find out. Add the positive, subtract the negative. It's very logical.

How would you add or subtract fractions with like denominators?

The same way you would add or subtract whole numbers, leaving the denominators alone.

What do you do when subtracting a positive and a negative?

If you subtract a negative from a positive, add both of their absolute values. If you subtract a positive from a negative, add both of their absolute values and multiply by negative one.

How do you subtract the positive from the negative?

Add the absolute values of the two numbers, then put on a negative sign. For example: -7-3=-(7+3)=-10

Do you add or subtract when you have a negative number and a positive?

Subtract and add the sign of the greater number.

Why do you subtract negative numbers if it is really just adding?

you have to do keep change change keep the first number change the subtraction sign to a add and the negative to a positive

What is your positive and negative?

positive is to add and negative is to subtract in math

Do you subtract when its a negative plus a positive?

No, you add the positive to the negative.

How do you know whether you should add or subtract the value of the two numbers?

By the signs: 2+2(Add) 2-2(Subtract) +=add -=subtract

How Do you Use Natural Numbers In Real Life?

Natural numbers are all the counting numbers excluding zero and all negative numbers. People use these in everyday life to count, add, subtract, and even with money purposes

How do you add two negative numbers?

When you add two negative numbers you would end up with a negative; -4 + -5= -9It helps using a number line, coins, and other objects!

Are scalers negative why?

Scalars are not always negative. The word scalar means that a value behaves like the numbers we are familiar with. You just add and subtract them. These are different than vectors, where you need to break them into scalars in order to add them first.

How do you add or subtract fractions when negative?

The same as with positive ones. Make sure they have the same denominator and add or subtract their numerators.

What 2 numbers add to 15 and subtract to 7?


When you add a negative and negative number do you add or subtract?

you add and keep the same sign its simple ex. -4+-85=-89

How do you subtract a negative and a negative?

Add the second negative to the first negative, so -1 - -2 = 1

What is the inverse operation of add negative 6?

subtract negative 6 or +6

When you add numbers the answer is the sum What is the answer called when you subtract numbers?

the difference

When adding a positive number to a negative number why do you always get a positive number?

-5+-3 = -8 ++ Add -- Add +- Subtract -+ Subtract