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Q: Would you give more numerical examples on greatest integer function and least integer function?
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The greatest integer function and absolute value function are both examples of functions that can be defined?


The greatest integer function and absolute value function are both examples of functions that can be defined as what?

Both the Greatest Integer Function and the Absolute Value Function are considered Piece-Wise Defined Functions. This implies that the function was put together using parts from other functions.

What is the greatest integer function of -50.95?


Is the greatest integer function a continuous funcion?

No. It has a discontinuity at every integer value.

The greatest integer function shown below is define so that it produces the greatest integer what or equal to x?

Less than

Is the absolute value function and the greatest integer function one to one?

Neither of the two are one-to-one

What is the absolute value of an integer of its numerical value of its numerical value?

The absolute value of an integer is the integer with no sign. The absolute value of +3 and -3 is 3.

Is the greatest integer function x integrable over the real line?


Does the greatest integer function have an inverse function?

Inverse of a function exists only if it is a Bijection. Bijection=Injection(one to one)+surjection (onto) function.

Is greatest integer value integrable?

No, because there is no greatest integer.

What is the greatest integer?

There is no greatest integer. Whatever integer you think is greatest, you can always add one (1) to it and get a larger one.

What is the product of greatest negative integer and smallest positive integer?

The smallest positive integer is 1. 1 is the multiplicative identity; ie anything times 1 is itself. The greatest negative integer is the most positive negative integer which is -1. Therefore the product of the greatest negative integer and the smallest positive integer is the greatest negative integer which is -1.

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