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yes because horizontal lines are across and vertical lines is up n down

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Q: Would you interpretations be different if the graph had vertical bars instead horizontal bars Explain?
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What is the difference between vertical and horizontal systems packages?

explain the difference berween vertical and horizontal system packages?

What is horizontal and vertical price fixing?

Explain the differences between horizontal and vertical price fixing..

Explain vertical and horizontal marketing systems with examples?

example is Mc Donalds and Synopec Oil company in China

Different types of communication explain on how they ar being accomplished?

There is horizontal and vertical communication in any institution. Vertical communication is that one between the manager and the juniors. Verbal communication occurs between people within a matching job rank or department.

Is this statement true Categories form horizontal rows gases form vertical columns in the perotic table?

Explain categories.

Explain why only the vertical height of the stairs is measured for work?

Horizontal motion doesn't require any force.Horizontal work = (force) x (distance) = 0.

Explain the difference between a group and a period in the periodic table?

Horizontal rows are referred as periods. Vertical columns are referred as Groups.

How would you explain how to find sine and cosine within each quadrant of a unit circle?

To find the sin/cos at a given point on the unit circle, draw a radius to that point. Then break the radius into components - one completely horizontal and one completely vertical. The sine is the vertical component, the cosine is the horizontal component.

Can you explain what a tube furnace is?

A tube furnace is a type of high-temperature furnace usually used in manufacturing and research laboratories. It is generally cylindrical in shape, and can be either horizontal or vertical.

Explain in your own words why the line x4 is a vertical line?

Because X (which in this case is always 4) is the value of the horizontal axis so the only value that can change is Y, the verticle axis.

A rifle is fired at a distant target and bullet is fired horizontally from a gun you drop a bullet from the height of the barrel if there ain't air resistance which bullet hits the ground 1st explain?

They will arrive at the floor together (assuming the floor is horizontal). The reason is that both the initial vertical component of the speed, and the vertical acceleration, are the same.

How do you explain abscissa and ordinate?

The vertical axis of a graph is known as the ordinate and the horizontal axis of a graph is known as the abscissa. So commonly when talking about (x,y) as a point on the graph, we refer to x value as the abscissa and y value as the ordinate.

Explain why multiple seismograms are needed to located the epicenter of an earthquake?

A seismograph is an instrument used to measure the vibrations produced by the movement of waves through the Earth. These waves are produced by the release of energy during an earthquake. Since different directions of motions are produced by earthquakes, there are different types of seismographs. Some of the seismographs record horizontal motions while others record vertical motions.

Can you explain how intrusions affect rock layers?

Intrusions occur when magma cuts through weaknesses in rock layers and forms a band of igneous rock. Sometimes the new band is approximately horizontal and it is called a sill. If it is more vertical it is called a dyke.

Explain why the equation of a vertical line cannot be in slope-intercept form?

A vertical line on a graph has an infinite slope, and no y-intercept.

What can be an expository topic?

Expository writings explain a topic to a reader in a systematic, logical way. As such topics can be anything you have knowledge about, such as explaining the way to use a computer, explaining three different interpretations of green marketing, etc.

Can histograms be horizontal?

Conventionally, no. Which means that they can be horizontal - it is only convention stopping them. However, because you are breaking with convention, you might need to explain what you have done and why.Conventionally, no. Which means that they can be horizontal - it is only convention stopping them. However, because you are breaking with convention, you might need to explain what you have done and why.Conventionally, no. Which means that they can be horizontal - it is only convention stopping them. However, because you are breaking with convention, you might need to explain what you have done and why.Conventionally, no. Which means that they can be horizontal - it is only convention stopping them. However, because you are breaking with convention, you might need to explain what you have done and why.

Explain the difference between elasticity of demand and the slope of a demand curve?

The demand curve is drawn with price on the vertical axis and quantity demanded on the horizontal axis. Mathematically, the slope of a curve is represented by rise over run, or the change in the variable on the vertical axis divided by the change in the variable on the horizontal axis. Therefore, the slope of the demand curve represents change in price divided by change in quantity. Elasticity, on the other hand, aims to quantify the responsiveness of demand and supply to changes in price, income, or other determinants of demand.

What is vertical and opposite angles mean?

go on ks3 bitesize too hard to explain

What is the size difference in sheep brainstem and human brainstem?

The human brain stem is towards the backbone and downwards, because in the human body the backbone is vertical; compared to a sheep's backbone which is horizontal, and its brain is directed outwards. This would explain why the size of the brain stems are different. The bodies are formed differently and the brains are situated differently so the brain stem is sized according to the need to support the brain.

Explain how the levels of government are different in Canada?

explain how the levels of government are different in canada.

How do you make your photo horizontal Example you took the picture vertical but you want to put it in a horizontal frame please explain by using Iphoto?

you just have to crop the photo to the right shape, you will lose some of the image but that's the easiest way to do it The above works but isn't necessary and you lose part of the image. Open up the picture in MS Paint and use the rotate tool to turn it at a 90 degree angle.

Why can Biology be described as having both a vertical and a horizontal scale explain what that means?

Almost everything in Biology can be explained or represented on a scale or graph; the graphs use to represent data have two axes. The horizontal axis is called the X axis or the abscissa. The vertical axis is called the Y axis or the ordinate. The values of the independent variable are measured on the X axis and those of the dependent variable are on the Y axis. There are three types of graphs that you can use, two for use when the independent variable is quantitative (numeric form)and one for use when it is qualitative data (written form).

The toy clown walking on a tightrope explain how this brainless toy can perform such a difficult task is the clown in stable equilibrium. what happens if the weights are removed?

The metabolism of the specified toy, if the weights are removed, the clown would then keep staying where it is, only the tightrope is in a vertical - horizontal state, possibly resulting the toy to fall.

How do you divide a square into 2 L shaped figures?

The problem is I can't attach any picture here. Anyway's I'll try to explain. In a square start drawing a vertical line 1/3 from the top left vertex. After reaching half down, draw a horizontal line about 1/3 the width towards the right. Then drop it down with the vertical line on the lower edge of the square.