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Centimeters. It is large enough (long enough) that millimeters are a bit small.

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Q: Would you measure a pen in centimeters or millimeters?
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Length of a pen in millimeters?

a regular pen is about 12 centimeters

What measurement would you use to measure a pen?


What would you measure in millimetres?

You can measure small lengths in millimeters. Length of a pencil, pen, eraser, length and width of a paper, sheet etc. can be measured in millimeters.

What are examples of things you can measure in centimeters?

You can measure a pen, flashlight, lightbulb, piece of paper, camera, (etc.) using centimeters. But really, the list can go on forever.

What are some items measured in centimeters?

Anything that has length. Although for very small things, millimeters or micrometers may be handier, and for large things, meters or kilometers. The length of your pen, the width of your computer screen, or the length of your fingers can be given in centimeters. List some items that can be measured in centimeters.

What is the length of a ballpoint pen in centimeters?

my ballpoint pen is 14.5 centimeters long. It seems pretty standard.

How would you measure the mass of a pen?

You would measure the mass of a pen by using a balance. Kitchen scales are a suitable kind. Whether they are electric or not, the pen is placed on the pan and the mass is read just like anything else.

Which would you most likely measure in ponds a feather a dog a pen or a nickel?

You would measure a dog's weight in pounds--if that is your question.

What unit of measure would you use to measure a writing pen?

the best unit of measure would be inches :) hope i answered what u needed help with

Would you measure a pen in g or kg?

grams besause it is very light

What is the length of a pen in centimeters?

There is no definite answer to this question. There are many different sizes a pen could be. Provide a photo?

How many centimeters long is your pen or pencil?

it matters what kind of pencil it is.