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You should put the largest denomination first, so it should be 15 million, 17 thousand. The same order that it would be in written out with numerals: 15,017,000.

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Q: Write the following number properly1,7 thousand1,5 million?
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How many periods are there in a million?

There are no periods/decimals in the number one million. There are 6 zeros following the number 1. Thus, 1 million is 1,000,000

What does 15840 round to?

15 840 rounds to:0 to the nearest hundred thousand20 000 to the nearest ten thousand16 000 to the nearest thousand15 800 to the nearest hundred15 840 to the nearest ten and whole number/unit

What number comes after nine million nine hundred and ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine?

The following number would be 10,000,000, or 10 million.

Was the number of people who owned televisions increased greatly in the years following World War 2?

yes 1 million 1946 10 million by 1949

What's the next following number higher than 1 million?

The next number that follows the value 1 million is: 1,000,001, as you progress further through the millions, the number on the right hand side will slowly move over to the left.

Write the following number in words. 12030266?

Twelve million thirty thousand two hundred and sixty six.

What is 2376ooooo is this 273.6 million?

No. It is 2,376 with five lower case letter 'o's following. The second number is 273,600,000

How do write the following number using words 5007023?

5,007,023 Five million seven thousand and twenty three.

What is the name of the number with a 1 followed by10 zeros?

ten billion ---- 100,000,000,00 i think it is 1 of the following~ 1 billion 1 thousand million or 100 million

How do change the following number 1340000 to a scientific number?

1.34 x 10 to the 6th power. And it is called scientific notation ... not number. 1340000 is just as scientific as 1,34 million.

How do you write 202.7 billion as a number?

A US Billion has 9 digits following the leading number(s): 202,700,000,000 The European system uses a different billion than the US (although many countries have adopted the US Billion -- as it works better with currencies). That variation is a million million (12 digits following the leading number(s)): 202,700,000,000,000

How many people can you follow on Instagram?

There's no precise number. I once seen someone following 1.2k million people.