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211 over 250, or {| |- | 211/250 |}

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In the UK is 0844 a premium rate number?

In the UK, 0844 numbers are classified as "Special Rate." From a BT landline, 0844 calls will be charged up to 6.2p per minute, varying by time of day.

How much is a local call dialing 0844 first?

In the UK, dialing an 0844 number is almost always more expensive than a local call, so there is no reason to use an 0844 number for a local call.

What is an 0844 number?

An 0844 number is a number that costs the caller additional per-minute rates and puts more money in the business's pocket.

What is the phone number of Blemain Finance Limited?

If you need to contact Blemain Finance Limited their number is 0844 873 4120. You can also contact their team via 0844 873 4293 or their underwriting relationship managers through 0844 873 4127.

Gulf air line telephone number in London?

United KingdomCity: LondonDialling Code: +44 208Telephone:Reservations0844 493 1717Airport / Flight Information0208 897 0402Sales0844 4931711/ 0844 4931715Fax0208 600 7462FFP0844 493 1717/ 0844 493 1715First & Business0844 777 1717Cargo Office0208 750 3127UK Ticket DeskZone C, Terminal 3 - Departures, London Heathrow Airport, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW6 1NUTimings: 1000 - 1700 hoursEmail

In what country are 0844 phone numbers used?

The country that uses the 0844 phone number as its code is the United Kingdom. This code provides phone services to businesses within the United Kingdom.

What is the phone number for British Airways in London?

0844 493 0 777

What is british airways phone number?

Customer relations : 0844 493 0787

What is the telephone number of South African Airways in London?

0844 375 9680

What is the common deflection of a M777?

the common deflection for the m777 and m198 is 3200 mil, i am a 0844 (fdc)

What is Wiz Khalifa cell number?

254 466 0844

Would someone inform you How do you contact the Bereavement Office of Barclays Bank?

Dial 0844 633 0888

What is the telephone number of Equifax UK?

0844 414 6073 0870 060 1414 Try either of these

What is the ISBN of The White Rose novel?

The ISBN of The White Rose - novel - is 0-8125-0844-0.

What address can you write to for a reference as a former HBOS employee?

Post - HR Transactions, Lloyds Banking Group, 8th Floor, G Mill, Dean Clough, Halifax, HX3 5AXFax - 0844 259 3635Email

How much does it cost to call an 0844 number on Three Mobile?

The majority of contract and sim-only deals with Three include a range of minutes, but calls made to 0844 numbers for SMEs receive an extra charge and are charged per minute. Whether you are on a contract, sim-only or Pay-As-You-Go calls made to 0844 are charged a minimum of 45 pence per minute, plus an additional charge that is set by the company you are calling. Essentially when calling a 0844 number you are charged a standard access fee of 45 pence per minute and then a one off service charge by the company you are aiming to contact; the overall price is made evident at the end of your call.

Postcode for the new wembley stadium?

Wembley National Stadium London, HA9 0WS 0844 980 8001

What is the phone number of the Commandant'S Quarters in Dearborn Michigan?

The phone number of the Commandant'S Quarters is: 313-565-0844.

What is Runescape's number?

We have confirmed that RuneScape (Jagex) indeed has a number. It is +1 570 708 8780. 0844 588 8880

What is the phone number of the Summersville Public Library in Summersville?

The phone number of the Summersville Public Library is: 304-872-0844.

Is there a charge for dialing 0844 numbers?

In the UK, 0844 numbers are charged at up to 5p/minute from BT landlines, and up to 42p/minute from mobiles. Toll-free numbers are 0800 or 0808. There are still some 0500 freephone numbers, but they will probably be discontinued. Mobiles still pay for access to most freephone numbers.

What is equifax phone number?

Number for Equifax in the US 404 885 8000Number for Equifax in the UK: 0844 740 5825

How do you find out who owns a 0844 number?

You look up "find number " on internet. There are companies that will find and sell that info to you. Cost about 2-5 $

Where is the Green Florida in St Petersburg Florida located?

The address of the Green Florida is: Po Box 844, St Petersburg, FL 33731-0844

Is there an Abercrombie store in Britain?

Yes in London here is the address and phone number. 7 Burlington Gardens, London W1S 3ES 0844 412 5750 ()‎

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