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The gravitational potential energy between two bodies m and M, is E= - GmM/r^2.

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Q: Write a sentence with gravitational potential energy?
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What is the abbreviation for Gravitational Potential Energy in Active Physics?

The Abbreviation for Gravitational Potential Energy is Eg (make sure when you write the g it's sub-scripted which means you put E then put g to the right and make sure the g is just a bit below the E).


An objects total kinetic and potential energy is when both things are moving (kinetic) and the energy is stored in the object (potential)

Can we write kerchoff's second law as change in energy is equal to change in potential?

It does not make much difference because potential is the energy utilized to move one coulomb of charge. If energy for moving any amount of charge is considered, then potential term disappears. That is all.

What distance is a book from the floor if the book contains 98 joules of potential energy and has a mass of 10kg?

The idea here is to write the equation for gravitational potential energy:GPE = mgh (mass x gravity x height), then replace the numbers you know, and solve the resulting equation. You can assume Earth's gravity to be about 9.8 newtons/kilogram.

What would contain the most potential energy?

Please don't write "the following" if you don't provide a list.

Can you write a sentence using the word exert?

You exert energy when you play a basketball game.

What is a sentence with the word law of conservation of energy?

our science teacher made us write down the law of conservation of energy.

What sentence can you write with the word geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy is becoming one of the most popular ways of heating your home.

Write a complete sentence that uses the term energy correctly?

Energy is the ability to do work, and doing work expends energy. Luvs2HELP says: Hey Knapp1 do you know how to put the word ENERGY SOURCE into a sentence? If you help thanks!!! :)

A bus engine transfers chemical potential energy into what so that the bus moves?

: the engine changes chemical energy into light and kinetic energy to power the car? Write your answer...

What do heat temperature and thermal energy all have in common?

-Thermal energy and mechanical energy are the sum of potential and kinetic energy.-They can change to another form of energy.-They can't be created or destroyed due to the law of conservation of energy.

How do you write a sentence with the word expend?

Try not to expend all of your energy during the early laps [of a race].