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4 x .25 = 1

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Q: Write an equation to solve this problem what number is 25 percent of 4?
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How do you write an equation to solve a percent problem?

The answer depends on what the percentage problem is. The equations will be different depending on whether you want to find:one number as a percentage of another,a given percentage of a number,the percentage change applied to a given number,find the original number if given the number after the percentage change.

What is the answer to an equation problem?

you have to write down the equation first so people can answer it

Define Volume percent and write the equation?

i dont know hahaha

How do you write 29.7 is 55 percent of what number as an equation?

55x/100 = 29.7 so 55x = 2970 so x = 2970/55

How do you write 75 percent of a number?

You write a number, not wright! It would be written as 75% of [the number].

How can you write an equation in two variable to solve a problem?

A linear equation in two variables will give an infinite number of solutions. These will comprise the coordinates of points along a straight line in 2-dimensional space.

What do you need to write in order to calculate things?

You do not need to write anything to calculate things mentally.

14 is 75 percent of?

This problem means to write this equation: 14 = 75/100 * n And we can get n by itself to solve the problem: 14 * 100 /75 = n 1400 / 75 = n 18 2/3 = n

8 is 80 percent of what number?

You have to write an equation for this. When you do percents, you always have to convert them to decimals. (Therefore, 80% is .80 as a decimal) .80x = 8 Divide both sides of the equation by .8 and you'll get x = 10

Write 6.9 as a percent number?


How do you write the number 53 in percent?

5300% ...

How dp you write as 0.054 as a percentage?

Answer is 5.4 percent because you want equvailent fractions in the equation so thefore you times the decimal value by 100 so equation is 100 times 00.54 equals 5.4 percent. THIS IS THE ANSWER

How do you write 140 decreased by 20 percent as an equation?

It's not an equation - there's no "is" or "equals." You can write it as a mathematical *expression*, however:140 "decreased by 20%"140 - (20/100)*140

You are thinking of a number and 5 less than 3 times the number is 16 how do you write an equation to solve this problem?

if n is your number, then 3n - 5 = 16, ie 3n = 21 ie n = 7.

How do you write equations for ertical and horizontal lines?

A vertical line has the equation [ x = a number ]. A horizontal line has the equation [ y = a number ].

When you subtract one square number from another the answer is 16 what are the two squared numbers?

x2 -y2 =16 This is an equation that describes your problem. We can write this equation as (1/16)x2 -(1/16)y2 =1 You may recognize this as the equation whose graph is a hyperbola. So there are an infinite number of solutions.

How do you write a equation with the number 6?

35(4)&? Cyhgfuvdhv

The sum of a number and one half of the number is fourtyfive write and equation to solve this problem?

X + X/2 = 45 so 3X/2 =45 3X=90 X=30

How do you write 125 percent as a mixed number?

125 percent (1.25) as a mixed number is: 11/4

Write a short story problem to match this equation 18 plus 45 -6?

There is no equation in the question, only an expression.

What step should you do before you write an equation to solve a word problem?

you shall add

What are the steps when formulating an equation?

Read the problem. Write each fact as a variable expression. Write each fact as a sentence.

How do you write this math equation out in words 51.93?

'51.93' is not an equation. It's a number. When you write or speak it, it comes out "fifty-one and ninety-three hundredths".

How do you figure out the difference between 5 times a number and 3 is 12?

You write it as an equation, and then solve the equation.

How do you write an equation of what is 7 percent of 480?

Remember that "7 percent" means 0.07, and "of" in math usually means "times".Then it's easy to writex = 0.07 times 480