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2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13

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Q: Write down the first 6 prime numbers?
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What are all co prime numbers from 1-500?


What are all the prime numbers after a100?

That's a theoretically infinite list. I can't write down an infinite list.

Write 130 as the product of prime numbers?

You have to break it down to get to prime numbers, so here it is:13010 135 22 x 5 x 13

How many prime numbers are between 4 and forty?

Write down all the numbers between 4 and 40. Cross out the prime numbers and count them. You need to do your own math and getting the answer here won't help you pass your state standards.

How can you break down numbers?

The best way to break down a number (from the perspective of arithmetic!) is to write it as a product of its prime factors. For instance, 24 = 2 x 3 x 4 where x is the multiplication operator and of course 2, 3, and 4 are all prime numbers.

Find the correct prime factorization of a fraction?

you multiply the fraction by 2 the divide by 400 and write down all the small numbers with the quatation

How do you label the answer to a prime factorization?

U label it by… however many numbers there are u write down Ex:10 / \ 5 • 2. This ='s…

What are prime numbers after 150?

150 is not a prime number. The prime numbers "after" it depends on which way you're going. If you're counting down, then there are 35 prime numbers after 151. The first five are: 149, 139, 137, 131, and 127. If you're counting up, then there are an infinite number of primes after 149. The first five are: 151, 157, 163, 167, and 173.

What is the first step in finding LCM of tow or more numbers?

Writing the numbers down. If you've already done that, then find their prime factorizations.

What is the second step of finding LCM?

If the first step is writing down the numbers, the second step is finding their prime factorizations.

How do you figure the first ten perfect squares?

-- Write down a list of the first ten whole numbers. -- For each one, multiply it by itself, and write the product next to it.

What if two numbers are the median?

Then you write down both numbers