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700, 105, 2200, 5, 450, 1241

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Q: Write each year as an integer. 700BC 105AD 2200BC 5AD 450BC 1241AD?
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Which date was the earliest 450bc or 250bc?

250 bc

What year was the mausoleum at halicarnassus built?

between 453 and 450BC

What year did thomas cook open there first travel agent?


What country is associated with the twelve tables?

This is the earliest known Law Code of Rome from about 450BC

Did heroditus see the building of the pyramids?

No The pyramids were already 2000 years old when he visited the pyramids in 450BC.

Recall what was the Rome's first written law code called?

Preduced in 450bc on 12 bronz tables

What type of injustices existed in the republic prior to 450bc?

The romands engraved their laws on tablets and called them the twelve tables

What was the romes first written Law code called?

Preduced in 450bc on 12 bronz tables

Is Drachma worth more than Obol?

Yes. The name 'obol' was used to describe a coin that was one-sixth of a drachma in 450BC.

How long was it to build the great pyramid at Giza?

about 2000 years old. He visited Egypt in about 450BC

How many stonemasons worked on the great Pyramid?

According to the Greek historian Herodotus (c.450BC) 4,000 stone masons out of a workforce of 100,000, worked on the Great Pyramid.

How many people got scurvy last year?

Well this answer cant be answered i think because this desease started in about 450Bc so you cant know