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Q: Write four and one fourth as a fraction greater than one whole?
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What is fifteen and one fourth as a decimal?

First, look at it as a whole number plus a fraction (part of a whole). Then write the whole number (15) and beside that write the fraction (one fourth). Now take the fraction and convert it to a decimal, which is 1 divided by 4. It will be 15 1/4, which converts to decimal form as 15.25

Write an improper fraction that has a whole number greater than 5?

6 1/2

How do you write a fraction as a product of a whole number and unit of fraction?

how to write 6/9 as a product of a whole number and a unit fraction.

How can we tell if a fraction is greater than less than or equal to 1 whole?

if the value above the line of the fraction is greater than or equal to the value below the lin, then the fraction is equal to or greater than 1 whole.

How do you write 29 as a fraction in simplest form?

you can't write 29 as a fraction whole. it's already whole. but simplest form as an IMPROPER fraction is 29 over 1

What is an integer in math for fourth grade?

a whole number; a number that is not a fraction.

When multiplying a whole number by a fraction will the product be less than greater than or equal to the whole number?

greater than

How do you write 460 as a fraction?

To write a whole number as a fraction, you take the whole number over "one". 460/1 460 over 1

Is 3 fourth greater than or less than 1 whole?

It is less than a whole.

How you write a whole number and a fraction in word form?

its called a mixed fraction the first number which is the whole goes in the front then the fraction is behind it.

Can a mixed number have a whole number and a fraction with the numerator greater than the denominator?

Sure, you can write it that way. But for the final result, you should always convert it to a mixed number in standard form, or to an improper fraction.

When you divide a fraction by a whole number is the quotient greater than or less than 1?