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Q: Write seventy hundredths as a decimal place?
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How do you write 8.75 in word form?

Eight and seventy-five hundredths. The decimal point becomes "and." The last digit is in the hundredths place so 75 becomes "seventy-five hundredths."

Why 0.75 is seventy-five hundredths in word form?

That's how numbers go. The first decimal place is tenths, the second is hundredths. 0.75 has 7 tenths, which is 70 hundredths. Add the 5 in the hundredths place and you've got seventy-five hundredths.

How to do write sixty two and five hundredths as a decimal?

62.05 The hundredths place is the second from the decimal, so you must place a 0 after the decimal and then the number.

How do you write five and thirty one hundredths in a desmal?

5.31 The 3 is in the tenths decimal place, the 1 is in the hundredths decimal place. That makes 31 hundredths.

How do you write a decimal that has 6 in the hundredths place and the ten thousandths place?


How do you write three hundred three and two hundredths decimal form?

303.02 The hundredths is the second place to the right of the decimal.

in decimal place value what is the word form for 24.76?

twenty-four point seventy-one or twenty-four and seventy-one hundredths

How do you write a decimal that has 6 in the hundredths place and ten thousandths?


What is seven and seventy nine one-hundredths?

Seven and seventy nine one-hundredths would be 7.79.ÊÊ The first digit after the decimal point is called the tenths place value.Ê The second digit tells you how many hundredths there are in the number.

How do you write one hunderedth as a decimal?

The second place after the decimal point is for hundredths so it's 0.01

What is the hundredth digit in the decimal representation for two-sevenths?

first write the number 2/7 in a decimal: 0.285714 The second number to the right of the decimal is the hundredths place, so, the 8 is in the hundredths place.

How do you write twelve and fourteen hundredths in decimal form?

12.14 The whole-number part, 12, is the part left of the decimal point. The position first right of the decimal point is the tenths place; the position second right of the decimal point is the hundredths place. We can't write "14" in the single-column hundredths place. And in fact, 10 hundredths (10/100) is the same as one tenth (1/10), so we can write a "1" in the first position right of the decimal point to stand for the ten-hundredths portion of fourteen hundredths (10 of the 14 hundredths). And the remaining four hundredths (4/100) are indicated by the 4 in the hundredths place.

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