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8450000001 8499999999 8450000002 8498888888 84978963451 84500000003

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Q: Write six numbers that when rounded to the nearest ten million round to 8450000000 Be sure to include numbers that round up and numbers that round down?
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How many numbers can be rounded to 34 million to the nearest million?

33,500,000 to 34,499,999

What are 3 numbers for 9000 as an estimate?

9000 to the nearest thousand, 10000 to the nearest ten thousands and 0 to the nearest million.

What are some problems for rounding whole numbers to the nearest million?

You will lose most of the information if you are working mainly with numbers smaller that 500,000. But in that case you should not be rounding to the nearest million but to a lesser degree.

What number do you get when rounding off the numbers 39117?

The answer will depend on the degree of rounding. To the nearest ten, it is 39120 To the nearest million, it is 0.

How many significant numbers are in 400000000?

Integers ending in a string of zeros are ambiguous. You cannot tell whether this number is accurate to the nearest hundred million (1 significant figure), to the nearest million (3 sf) or even the nearest unit (9 sf).

What is the greatest numbers which when rounded to the nearest million results to 5 000 000?

It is 5 499 999.999 ... (repeating)

What are three numbers greater than 0.716?

Numbers greater than 0.716 include one million, one billion, and 0.717

What is 4427 rounded to the nearest ten?


How much is 300 million in numbers?

How much is 300 million in numbers?300 million in numbers is, 300,000,000.

How many numbers can be rounded to 800 to the nearest hundred?


2.25 million in numbers?

2.25 million in numbers is 2,250,000.

How many numbers round to 3600 to the nearest thousand?

One thousand if you include 3600. The reason I say if you include it is you really aren't rounding 3600 to 3600. It's just 3600.