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fraction=3/4 mix number= there is no mixed number as the decimal is .75 as opposed to a larger number such as 7.5 which would be put as 15/2

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Q: Write the decimal 0.75 as a fraction or a mix number?
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How do you write seven and one half cents in decimal?

that would be .075 in decimal form

How would you write 75 thousandths as a decimal?

As a decimal, 75 thousandths is .075

How do you write seventy five thousandths in decimal form?

easy! .075

What is 075 as a fraction?

075 written as its fraction equivalent would be 75/1.

How do you convert .075 into a fraction.?

.075 = 3/40 as a fraction in its simplest form

What is .075 in simplest form?

As a fraction in its simplest form .075 is 3/40

How do you convert decimal number 543.26 to octal number?

Write 543.26 as a sum of decreasing powers of 8. This gives Dec(543.26) = OCT(1037.205 075 341 217 27)

What is 7.5 in decimal form?


What is 7.5 percent as a decimal?


7.5 percent equals fraction?


Is decimal 3 larger than decimal 075?

0.3 > 0.075

How do you change 3 over 40 in to a decimal number?

In order to change 3/40 to a decimal, you would have to divide the numbers. 3 divided by 40 = .075

How do you change 075 to a fraction?

Well all you put is 075 so that Ina fraction would be 75/100 but I think you meant toputwhich wouldbe 75/1000

What is .075 as a fraction?

0.075 reduces to 3/40

What is 075 as a fraction in simple form?

If you mean 0.75 then it is 3/4 as a fraction in its simplest form

How do you write 75 thousandth?


What is .075 in a fraction?

0.075 = 75/1000 = 3/40

What is the difference between 075 and 75?

Without a decimal, there is no difference.

How do you convert a percentage into a number?

To convert a percentage to a number you move the decimal point to the left two spots. 85% would become .85 and 7.5% would become .075.

What is bigger .075 or .125?

.125 is bigger because the first number after the decimal is bigger.

Which decimal has the same value as 75 percent?


How do you write this number 2 489 075 in words?

Two-million four-hundred and eighty nine thousand and seventy-five

How is multiplying a decimal by a decimal different from multiplying a decimal by a whole number?

When multiplying one decimal by another decimal, the result will always have a larger number of digits to the right of the decimal point than either of the two factors. The number of digits to the right is the total of the digits for the two factors.Example:.25 x .3 = .075 (two digits plus one = three)You can make this clearer by putting all three in one of the numbers to start,making one of the factors a whole number..25 x .3 = .025 x 3 = .075Example:.02 x .03 = .0006 (the product is 6, the number of places is 4)In fraction form, this would be2/100 x 3/100 = 6/10000

What is 5 percent of 1.500?

That would be .075. To get this answer, you simply take 1.5 and multiply it by .05 (.05 because you have to convert the 5% to a decimal). So (1.5) x (.05) = .075

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