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A fraction is a way of representing a division of a 'whole' into 'parts'.

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Q: Write the missing number in each fraction so that the fraction belongs in the boxwrite one more fraction that can go in the box 12 4 5 10 18?
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How do you do to find a missing number on an equivalent fraction?

An equivalent fraction is just a multiple of the one that you have (i.e it is the one that you have, scaled up or down). So multiply the fraction that you have until either the numerator or the denominator match the given numerator/denominator of the fraction with the missing number. The number in the corresponding place on the fraction that you multiplied is the missing number.

It is set of numbers which are written as fraction?

Any number that can be written as a fraction belongs to the set of rational numbers.

In algebra how do you find the missing number in a fraction using the denominator and the percentage?

U sex

Dividing a whole number by a fraction?

for example x belongs to W a/b is a fraction x divided by a/b is = x X b/a means the whole number should multiply with reciprocal ( Multiplicativeinverse) of such fraction we get the solutiion.

What is the fraction 45 x the missing number equal to the fraction 25?

45 and 25 are both integers, not fractions. 45 * 5/9 = 25.

how do i solve fraction expressions and equation?

the fraction is percent over 100 and fraction over the whole. Whatever number is missing you multiply across in an X with the end being the empty space.

How do you write 9 out of 9 as a mixed number?

1 A mixed number usually consists of a whole number and a fraction less than 1, but one or the other can be missing if that is the value of the number.

What is the number below the fraction bar in a fraction?

The number below the fraction bar in a fraction is the denominator. The number above the fraction bar is the numerator.

Fill in the missing number 011235813-3455?

The missing number is 21.

What is a fraction that is made up of a number followed by a fraction?

A mixed number (or fraction).

What is the missing number?

They are all missing!

What is a number called when it is a whole number with a fraction?

A number can be called either a mixed number or a mixed fraction when it is a whole number with a fraction.

Is the numerator in a fraction the whole number or the fraction?

There is no whole number in a fraction. A fraction is a little number on top and another little number on the bottom. The numerator is the little number on top.

A number made up of a whole number and a proper fraction is it improper fraction mixed number proper fraction?

A mixed number.

What is a number containing a whole number and a fraction?

mixed fraction

Top number in a fraction?

Top number in a fraction is the numerator.

Is a fraction a whole number?

a fraction cannot be a whole number

What is the number represented by a whole number and a fraction?

It is a mixed fraction.

Can a fraction be an rational number?

A rational number is any number that can be expressed as a fraction.

What is a number formed by a whole number and a fraction?

A mixed number or mixed fraction.

What is the fraction 85714285?

That number is not a fraction.

What is the fraction of 6453?

There is no 'the' fraction of a number.

Math What number is missing 109.110?

There is not a missing number from the number sequence. This is used in math.

How do you turn a complex fraction into a regular fraction?

First you have to multiply the whole number with the top number in your fraction. REMEMBER TO KEEP THE BOTTOM NUMBER THE SAME!!!!! Your number will be an irregular fraction.

How do you make a whole number into a fraction -?

You can make any whole number into a fraction by putting it over 1.