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"9 tens" would be 90.

If you meant to write "9 tenths" the answer would be 0.9

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Q: Write the numeral for 9 tens?
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Wrie the numeral for 9 tens?


What is the numeral of 540 hundreds 9 tens and 6 ones?


Write a 7 digit numeral with 3 in tens place 5 in the hundredths?


In the number 923 how many tens are there?

In the NUMBER 923, there are 92 tens plus 3. In the NUMERAL 923, there are 9 hundreds, 2 tens, and 3 units.

What is the largest can you write in tens place?

The digit 9 is the largest you can write in any place, including the tens place.

How do you write 9 tens with a decimal?

.9 is the same as 9/10

How do you write the roman numeral 9?


What is the numeral of 540 hundreds 9 tens 6 ones?

If you mean: (540*100)+(9*10)+(6*1) then it is 54,096

What is the numeral for 2700 tens?


How do you write 9 tens?

it's simple 9X10

How to write 9 hundred 2 tens?


How do you write 9 ten thousands 9 tens?


What is the numeral for 270 tens?

270*10 = 2,700

How do you write 9 over 2 as a mixed numeral?

9/2 = 4 1/2

How do you make Roman numeral 9?

Write ' I X ' .

What is the Largest digit you can write in a tens place of a 3-didit?


How do you write 9000in roman numeral?

It is: (IX) which means 1,000*9 = 9,000

What is 229 as a Roman numeral?

CCXXIX is the number 229 in roman numeral. To write 9 we have to do IX that is 10-1.

What are seventeens tens written as a base ten numeral?

Seventeen tens, in base ten, is 170

How do you write five names for 64?

In word form- Sixty-four; In expanded form-6x10 + 4x1; In place value form- 6 tens + 4 ones; In arabic numeral form- 64; In Roman numeral- LXIV

How do you write 671 hundreds and 9 tens 3 ones?

67 193

Write the number in standard form 9 tens 3 ones?


How do you write 9 thousands 2 tens?

9,020 or Nine thousand and twenty.

How do you write numbers 3 thousands 14 hundreds 9 tens?


What numeral is equal to 3 tens?

The Roman numeral XXX represents 30, which is 3 x 10