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A quicker way of writing 254 + 254 + 254 is 3 x 254, or three multiplied by 254. The answer is 762.

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Q: Write this addition problem into a multiplication254 plus 254 plus 254?
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What is the answer to the addition problem 1234789 plus 13434567?

It is 14,669,356.

What is the answer to an addition problem called?

The answer to an addition problem is called the sum.The sum of 2 plus 2 is 4.

Is 7 plus 15 equals 15 plus 7 a commutative addition or associative addition problem?

15 -7 = 8

What are the parts of an addition problem?

There are many parts that go into an addition problem. Most often there are numbers, a plus sign, and an equals sign.

What five plus five-?

The answer to the addition problem 5 plus 5 is 10.

What is 44 plus 221 plus 6?

The addition problem 221 plus 44 plus 6 equals to 271.

What is 55 add 123334?


Which property is demonstrated by this problem 39 plus 0 equals 0 plus 39?

The commutative property of addition.

What is 44 add 233 add 2?

The addition problem 44 plus 233 plus is approximately 279.

Whats 2 plus 2 too?

The mathematical addition problem 2 plus 2 is equal to 4.

What is 602 plus 2?

It's an example of a simple problem in addition. The solution is: 604

What is 360 plus 360?

It's a simple example of an addition problem. The solution is: 720

What do you call the adding numbers in a addition problem?

Addend plus addend equals sum.

What is 44 add 56?


What is 44 add 4443?


What is 43 add 1009?


What is 33 add 200?


What is 44 add 2232333?


What is the number that is being added in an addition problem?

Addend plus addend equals sum.

What is 444 add 223?


What is 1 plus 1-?

The addition problem 1 plus 1 is 2. This is one of the most simplest math problems in the world.

What is 5 add 445?


Which property is shown by 6r plus 11s plus 3t equals 6r plus 3t plus 11s?

Commutatitivity of addition in the fact that you can change the order of 11s and 3t. But also associativity of addition in that you can write the sum of three terms without the need for brackets to show which addition needs to be performed first.

How would you write a plus b in commutative property?

The commutative property for addition is a + b = b + a

What property of addition is 2 plus 2 plus 2 plus 4?

It is the associative property of addition that allows you to write the sum as 2+2+2+4 without the need for brackets to specify the order in which the additions need to be carried out.