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5/10 in

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Q: Writing half an inch in tenths of inches?
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How do you write half an inch in tenths?

five tenths of an inch (5/10)

Where is 1.9 inches on a ruler?

Rulers are divided into inches and fractions of an inch. One of those fractions will be tenths of an inch. So you want one inch and 9 tenths of an inch to make 1.9 inches.

How many tenths of an inch in a foot?

There 12 inches to a foot, so 120 tenths of an inch to a foot.

What is 5 tenths of an inch?

0.5 inches

How many tenths are in 2 inches?

There are ten tenths in an inch. Therefore, 2 inches would have 20 tenths.

How many half inches are in an inch?

There are 2 half inches in each inch.

How do you convert tenths of inches to inches?

One tenth of an inch = .1 inches.

How many half inches in one inch?

There are two half-inches in one inch.

Is 3 tenths of an a third a third of an inch?

Is this what you meant your question to be? "Is 3 tenths of an inch a third of an inch?" If so, the answer is no. 1/3" = 0.333333333333…inches, where 3/10" = 0.3 inches excatly.

Convert Seven tenths of an inch to inches?


How do you convert inches into tenths?

how much is a .10 of an inch

How do you do tenths to inches?

The question does not make sense unless you specify tenths of what! Tenths of a mile, tenths of a foot, tenths of an inch, tenths of a micrometre etc.

Why is an inch divided in 16 equal parts?

There were some things that used to be measured in sixteenths of an inch - a sixteenth being a half of a half of a half of a half. You can get precision rulers with inches divided into 32 equal parts. Most rulers give tenths.

Which is great a half inch or .5 inches?

A half of an inch and 0.5 inches are the same length.

What is 3 inches to the nearest one half inch?

3 inches is exactly 6 half-inches with no pieces of another half-inch left over. So there is no other half-inch that's closer to 3 inches than 3 inches already is.

How tall is a penny in inches?

A penny is about eight tenths of an inch.

Are there 4 eighth inches in an inch?

There 4 eighth inches in a half inch and 8 eighth inches in an inch.

If a pen is 8 inches what is the nearest half inch?

Eight inches rounded to the nearest half inch is still eight inches.

What is the nearest tenth of an inch 3.418?

3.418 inches to the nearest tenths is 3.4 inches.

How many feet and inches are in a half a inch?

there are 1\24 of a foot in a half an inchthere are 1\2 of an inch in a half an inch

A conversion table for inches to tenths?

"Tenth" is not a unit of measurement, it is a number. "tenth" is a unit of measurment, oldschool ie; one inch = 10/10 - half an inch = 5/10

How much is 8 tenths of an inch?

8/10 of an inch is the same as 4/5 of an inch or .8 inches

If you have 3 tenths of an inch what is that in a foot?

0.3 inches = 0.025 foot

What is 0.47 inches?

It is nearly 1/2 an inch or 0.5 inches

How thin is an iPad in inches?

It is 0.5 of a inch or half an inch.