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Written in fractional notation, 15 percent (0.15) = 15/100 = 3/20

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Q: Written in fractional notation 15 percent equals?
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The number 1101 is written in binary notation How would it be written in decimal notation?

The binary number 1101 equals 13

If 1 cm on a map equals 1 km on earth the fractional scale would be written as?


What is the coefficient in 134 000 000 written in scientific notation?

That equals 1.34 * 108

What percent of 25 equals 12?

In fractional form, it is 12/25. You would divide the numerator by the denominator, which would then give you 0.48. To get the percent, you would then multiply 0.48 by 100. Therefore, 48% of 25 is 12.

Write as decimal notation and simplify 15.5 percent equals 15.5?

I think what you're trying to say is: Does 15.5% equal 15.5? The answer is no, it doesn't. Something to a percent means it is divided by 100, so 15.5/100 equals 0.155.

15 percent equals fraction?

Percent means hundredth, so 15% can simply be written as 15/100.

What is three equals eighth as a percent?

Three equals eighth can be written mathematically as 3 = 1/8. To express this as a percentage, you would multiply by 100. Therefore, three equals eighth as a percent is 12.5%.

What is 380-35 percent percent equals?

380 - 35 percent percent equals 2.47

Does 'is' mean to divide or multiply?

In mathematical notation, "is" would be best translated as = or "equals" For instance, "one plus two is three" would be written as 1+2=3

.83 in percent equals 83 percent?


Fractional equivalent to 0.78?

0.78 equals 78/100 or 39/50.

What is 86000 expressed in scientific notation equals?

It is: 8.6*10^4 in scientific notation