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There were actually two options, 194 and 083, but as it needs to be a three digit number, 194 is more fitting.

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Q: You are a three digit number. Your hundreds digit is eight less than your tens digit. Your tens digit is five more than your ones digit. What number are you?
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What is the digit that cannot be in the hundreds place of a three digit number?

A zero

The hundreds digit of a three digit number is one third of the ones digit and twice the tens digit What is the number?


What is the smallest digit we can write in the hundreds place of a three-digit number?

1We can not start a three digit number with 0, so 1 is the smallest digit.

What is the hundreds digit of a three-digit number between 500 and 600?


What is the smallest digit you can write in the hundreds place of three-digit number?


What is the value of the digit 3 in number 37129?

The value of digit three in the number 37129 is hundreds place or 100.

What is a number between 75 and 100 whose tens digit is three times the ones digit and the sum of the digits is five and the hundreds digit and the ones digit are the same?

There is no number. 100 is the only one that has a hundreds digit. It's impossible.

What is the smallest digit you can write in the hundreds place of a three digit number?


What is a four digit number divisible by The number three and the number eight?


What if the largest period 52 million does not have three numbers is it still a digit Example 52355500 IS this a two digit number or three?

52,355,500 is an eight-digit number.

What is the largest three digit number you can make with a 2 in the hundreds place?


You are a three-digit number your hundreds digit is 4 more than your ones digit and your tens digit is their difference What number you are?

440 or 541 or 642 or 743 or 844 or 945