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"A" number, if its referred to Alien number, then non-immigrant workers on that status do not get "A" numbers.

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Q: You are h2b visa you would like to know where can you get this ''A'' number?
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A Visa number on any type of visa is like a serial number or control number used usually for security purposes or tracking purposes.

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If you mean a non-immigrant visa such as a B1, B2, F1, H1B, then it's on the visa itself. The visa would be the nice-looking laminated sticker (the new ones, at least) on your passport, and the number would be a long number on the top of the visa. If you lost it, there's going to be some minor problems obtaining the number, but you would have to contac the Dept. of State or the consular section where you obtained the visa. If you're talking about an immigrant visa, an A-number may or may not be assigned to you if you're still waiting for the petition to be approved. Generally, this would not be termed a "visa number". Check out any I-797 Notice of Action mailed by USCIS. The 9 digit number (sometimes 8 digits since the first number is assumed to be 0) would be above the beneficiary name (A xxx xxx xxx). If the number's not there, then there's none assigned. Depending on why you need the "visa number", you can use the receipt number as proof that there's a pending petition (the receipt number is 13 characters long and starts with three letters like EAC, WAC, or MSC). For Non-Immigrant Visa, Visa number is the RED Number on the Visa itself. This answer is from USCIS.It is the RED number - check out this CIS Form that advises under Visa # "(not the control number that begins with a year)"Please refer to the related link for more information.

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