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9 x 52= 468 weeks

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Q: You are nine years old how many weeks old are you?
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How An elephant is seventeen how old will it be in forty nine weeks time?

Roughly 18 years probably.

How many months old is a nine year old?

He/She can be anywhere from 108 months old (nine years exactly) to 119 months.

How many weeks are you when you are twelve years old?

626.16 weeks old. There are 52.18 weeks in a normal year. 52.18 x 12 = 626.16

How do you say I am nine years old?

Just say im nine years old

How many weeks old is a 10 year old child?

There are 52 weeks in a year. A child who is exactly 10 years old has lived for 10 x 52 weeks, which equals 520 weeks.

How many siblings does chris rock have?

two drew eleven years old tonya nine years old and chris thirteen years old

You are nine years old how many months old are you?

9 years x 12 months in a year = 108 months

My granddaughter is about as old in days as my daughter is in weeks she is also as many months old as i am in years together the 3 of us are 140 years old how old am i?


How old does kittens need to be get vaccinations?

Kittens need two initial vaccinations - one at nine weeks old, and the second one several weeks after that, usually at twelve weeks old.

How many seconds has someone lived if they are nine years old?

283824000 seconds.

You are nine years old how old would you be on venus?

you would be 12 years old

How old is a 120 weeks old baby in years?

Two and a half years old.

How old is 11 in weeks?

11 years is 573.95 weeks.

How old is obed bamungwa?

Nine years old.

How is the nine-year-old older than a baby that is nine months old?

Months and years

How many kilograms weight can take a nine years old child?

29 kg

How old is Jemile Weeks?

As of the 2014 MLB season, Jemile Weeks is 27 years old.

Can you be married when you are nine years old?


If you nine years old what are you?

A tween.

How old do puppy have to be before they leave the're mum?

At leased eight or nine weeks old.

Can you be nine?

My child is nine years old can I leave her alone at home

If you are six years old how old would you be in nine years?

15 years old. 6 years + 9 years = 15 years.

How old would a person who is nine years old be in Martian years?

Roughly 4 3/4 years old in Martian years.

How old will you be in years if you live for 1000000 hrs?

You will be 114 years, and about 4 weeks, old

How old is Honeysuckle Weeks?

Honeysuckle Weeks is 32 years old (birthdate: August 1, 1979).