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Q: You have 1267 square feet you need 35 square feet per child do you have enough?
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What is the average size of a daycare center?

35 square feet per child indoors, and 75 square feet per child outdoors.

250 square feet is how many feet?

not enough info to answer the question

How many square feet in 114 linear feet?

Not enough dimensions to tell.

22 yards is how many square feet?

22 Yards is 66 feet. not enough information 22 Yards X ?= ?square feet

How many square feet in 278.00 square meters?

Its enough to fk your mum hahahahha

How many square feet 1814?

There is not enough information to answer this question

How many 20 x 20 square feet tile will it take to cover 506 square feet?

20*20 square feet tile = 400 square feet, so in principle, two tiles will cover 800 square feet, which is more than enough. This is provided that the offcuts can be used.

Each child needs 5 by 7 square feet to play. How many feet do 6 children need to play?

210 square feet

Is 350 sq feet enough for 6 chickens?

you only need about 3-4 square feet per chicken indoors, and about 10 square feet per chicken outdoors, so if the indoors part is 350 square feet, that's easily enough for about 85-115 chickens! I think you're good.

What is the mathematical way to say square feet?

There's nothing wrong at all with "square feet". But if you think it doesn't sound educated or cultured enough, you can say "feet squared".

How many boxes 24.12 square feet to cover 416.0 square feet?

If you buy 18 boxes you will have enough, plus a few extra. 18 boxes will cover just over 434 square feet.

2 square feet how many people?

A square of 17 inches on a side.Not enough for even one people.