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The other one is.

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Q: You have 2 coins for 75 paise 1 coin is not a 50 paise Then how?
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If you have 2 coins for 75 paise one coin is not a 50 paise then how?

the other one is a 50ps coin, while the one u looked at was a 25 PS coin

You have 2 coins for 75 paise1 coins is not a 50 paisethen how?

25 paise.. DR. satish

You have two coins for 75 PS 1 coin is not a 50 PS how?

The other coin is a 50

If you have two coins for 75 pence 1 coin is not a 50 pence then how?

The other one is !

According to indian currency How the sum of two Indian coins can be 75 paisa if one of the coins is not a fifty paisa coin?

The two coins are one 75-paisa and one 50-paisa. (The 75-paisa is the one that is not a fifty-paisa coin.)

what makes 75 cents in cents?

75/5 = 15 So 15, 5 cent coins make up 75 cents. 75/10 = 7 and then another 5 cent coin So 7, 10 cent coins and one 5 cent coin makes up 75 cents. 75/20 = 3 and then another 10 cent coin and a 5 cent coin So 3, 20 cent coins, one 10 coin and one 5 cent coin. 75/50 = 1 and then another 20 cent coin and a 5 cent coin. So 1, 50 cent coin, one 20 cent coin and one 5 cent coin. There the Answer, By Answerly

How do you change 1rupee note into 50 coins without using 2 paise?

1 rupee = 100 paisaNow5 paisa * 25 coins = 75 paisa1 paisa * 25 coins = 25 paisatotal no of pieces = 25+ 25 = 50 coinsand75 paisa + 25 paisa = 100 paisa = 1 rupee

How much are Hungarian Korona gold coins worth?

Just the amount of gold in the coin is worth $960. There can be $50-$75 premiums added for quality and condition of coins.

Is there a 75 cent coin?

No, there isn't a .75 cent value of a US coin. However, there are coins that are equal to $1.00 value.

What are British 50 Pence coins made from?

Since their introduction in 1969, British 50 Pence coins have been made from an alloy of 75% copper and 25% nickel. There is no silver in any circulating British coin.

What are Australian silver coins made of?

Australian silver coins (5, 10, 20 and 50 cent) are composed of 75% copper and 25% nickel. There is no silver in any circulating Australian coin.

What are the codes for ub funkeys?

Heres every one I know of, I thinks its all of them but not completely sure : iluvfunkeys345 - +50 coins sproutarboretum852 - +75 coins, 5 new wall arts wasabipagoda992 - +100 coins, Box of Exploding Whizbangs funkeystownmuseum28 - +75 coins, Chocolate Lava Lamp 6786allworkandnoplay - +50 coins, Insane Flaming Hoop tikihut327 - +50 coins, War Totem Pole radicarules4565 - +500 coins, Very Rare Diamond Treasure Chest boggleden129 - +75 coins, Ghost Flame Toilet ponderingpark453 - +75 coins, Sonic Shield Generator falloutcompound358 - +75 coins, Solid Gold Panel kelpybasin4564 - +75 coins, Chocolate Seaweed dascratchclub983 - +75 coins, Platinum Record

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