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Hi, I've just had this light on on my Vectra. I was told it meant the Power Steering fluid was low so I bought some and topped it up even though the bottle looked full! Needless to say it was nothing to do with the steering fluid - I took the car back to the main dealer in the end and the front brakes needed attention (discs/pads etc.) I got them done and the light went off. I've had no bother since.


the light warns you that your brake pads are down however don't panick youll get about another 3000 miles before the brakes need changed

Im from NZ and have a 2002 Holden/Opel Vectra the light was flashing on and off when i brought the car there is a sensor in the front left brake i damaged it when i took it out so the light was always on went to the Holden dealer they told me to cut the wire where the sensor was and link it together so i done that the light has gone out and the still passes a WOF

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Q: You have a Vauxhall Vectra and a warning ight has just come on underneath the date and time display it looks like a circle with another dashed circle in side if itlike the handbrake symbol please help?
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