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0.036089457 to four decimal places (4 places of precision) is 0.0361. The number at the 5th decimal place (8) is used to round *up* the 4th decimal place figure from 0 to 1. If the number at the 5th decimal place had been

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Q: You have to have your final answer0.036089457 with 4 places of precision with no leading zeros what is the correct number?
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What is a precision number?

A Precision Number is the number of digits in a number.

What is the precision of a number?

The number of digits in a number is known as precision of a number. Depending on the precision required, the number is quantized to give the final number.

What is the purpose of normalisation?

If you are referring to normalization of floating point numbers, it is to maintain the most precision of the number possible. Leading zeros in floating point representation is lost precision, thus normalization removes the leading zeros by shifting left and adjusting the exponent. If the calculation was done in a hidden extended precision register (like IEEE 80-bit format) extra precision bits may be shifted in to the LSBs before restoring the result to a standard single or double precision register, reducing loss of precision.

What is meant by data precision in computer?

precision is the total number of bits or digits in the representation of a number.accuracy is the number of correct bits or digits in a number.Given a certain representation on a computer, all numbers stored in that representation will have the same precision; however the accuracy of different numbers will vary, depending on the source and on the calculations done on them.

Which digit what number is the one that determines its precision?

It has no precision, since there is no following number.

What does full precision mean?

Accuracy means how close you are to the target.(percentage error from target) Precision means how close you can determine what the target is;how many digits of your answer are reliably correct.(ability to measure in miles, feet, or inches). Full precision means the particular number you have has all or more than all of its digits correct needed to complete the calculation you are working on.

What is 1.564-0.38 rounded to the correct precision?

1.564 - 0.38 = 1.184 The "correct" precision depends on the calibration of your measuring device. Since we don't know that, here are the possible choices: To the nearest whole number: 1 To the nearest tenth: 1.2 To the nearest hundredth: 1.18 To the nearest thousandth: 1.184

What does precision mean in maths terms?

In mathematics, the word precision is used to describe the total number of digits (the number of significant figures) used in a number to approximate another number. For example, given a number 145.37823 the number 145 approximates the previous number with a precision of 3, and 145.3782 approximates it with a precision of 7. In other words, in maths, at least arithmetically speaking, precision is just another word for significant figures. In statistics, precision is usually a measurement of how well a measurement system gives consistent results, and is the reciprocal of variance.

What digit in the following number is the one that determines its precision in 345.82?

Always the last number, so in this example the precision is to hundredths.

Which digit in 10.846 determines precision?

The precision is determined by the POSITION of the number 6 - NOT its value.

What number in 30.47 determines its precision?


You want the code for a precision TV to universal remote control?

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