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Call Immigration office...they gonna give it to

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Q: You lost all papers how do you find alien number?
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How do you find lost papers?

Pray and God will help you

Your wife lost her green card and in order to get a new card she needs her alien number How do you find it?

I just recently lost my alien card and was at a loss when asked for an alien number to reapply for a new card. I finally called my birth country's consulate( in this case the Korean consulate in nyc) and they were very obliging to give me the alien # over the phone after a few questions.

Who has MOD apprenticeship papers I seem to have lost them there must be copies somewhere?

Have you had any luck finding copies of your MOD apprenticeship papers. I have lost mine and am going round in cicles trying to find copies.

How can you find Alien Registration number on website I lost my green card and i need to find it........?

If you actually had a green card and you lost it, take your passport to the local Immigration office and fill out the form to replace it. They will put a temporary stamp in your passort while you wait for your new green card.

How can I find out what my HCHD gold card number is if I lost itIMG 0310jpeg?

To find your HCHD gold card number if it is lost, contact your issuer.

Where do you find lost papers for your pure breed dog?

Go to the vet you take your dog to, and they should be able to run a copy.

How do you find divorce documents as mine are lost?

Go to the Clerk of the District Court in the county where your divorce papers were filed and get a copy.

How can you find your lost waec gce registration number?

gce registration number

How do you find your lost ATM card number?

Write to the bank and they will post you the number

You have to take defensive driving but you lost your court papers what can you do?

The Clerk of the Court can - sometimes for a modest fee - provide a copy of any court papers you lost.

What are the release dates for Lost Tapes - 2008 Alien 2-8?

Lost Tapes - 2008 Alien 2-8 was released on: USA: 10 November 2009

Who lost popularity when the Alien and Sedition Acts were passed?

The Federalists

How do you find out when you filed chapter 7 bankruptcy?

The date of filing will be listed on your court papers. If you've lost these, contact your attorney for replacement copies.

Lost your jury duty number for Yakima county?

how do i find y jury duty number

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Can you find the lost mobile using IMEI number?

the police will ask you for the IMEI number to help find you find your phone. So yes, it can help to find your phone (:

You lost your citizenship paper where do you get a copy?

what direction should the picture be taken?

How can you find out the serial number of a gun you purchased that was stolen and you lost the number?

Go the the gunshop or person you bought it from.

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I lost copies of custody papers?

Careless of you. We don't have them. Apply for duplicates.

How do you find the passport number and its issue date if your passport is lost 10 years back?

Sorry, but unless you have a copy of the data-page of your lost passport, there are no ways to find the passport number, issue and expiry dates.

How do you find out your policy number?

If you've lost or can't find your policy number just call you insurer. they can usually look find your policy number with alternate identification like drivers license number, name etc.

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