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There is no point in doing either one of these.

A decibel, being the log of a ratio, is added to or subtracted from another decibel.

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Q: You multiply or dividing the decibels by the decibels?
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How do cells multiply by dividing?

Cells multiply by dividing ( which is an oxymoron) is done by the process called Mitosis.

How does decibels work?

To calculate the number of decibels that power-level-'A' is greater than power-level-'B',-- Divide 'A' by 'B'-- Take the 'log' of the quotient-- Multiply the 'log' by 10 .If the result is negative, then 'A' is that many decibels lower than 'B'.

How are multiplying and dividing different?

multiply means multying it or increasing dividing means decreasing

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How dividing by decimal is different from dividing by whole number and how it is similar?

Dividing by decimal is different from dividing by whole number as you have to multiply by a number to remove the decimal.

Why is it that when solving a dividing fractions problem no actual dividing happens?

It's easier to multiply the reciprocal.

What does it mean for a bacteria to germinate?

To thrive and multiply... by dividing!

How do you check a division problem?

Multiply the answer to the problem by the number that you are dividing by. (e.g. 18/2=9 Check it with 9*2=18)

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its Dividing fractions is easy as pie, just flip the second and multiply made by krissy

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There is very little that is unique about the process of dividing fractions. Multiply by the reciprocal.

Why do you multiply the reciprocalof the divisor when dividing fractions?

she puted nothing

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