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It means it is average give or take 5 points.

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Q: You took an adult IQ test im 15 is 96 an okay score what does it mean?
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What does it mean if the Z score of a test is equal to 0?

If the Z Score of a test is equal to zero then the raw score of the test is equal to the mean. Z Score = (Raw Score - Mean Score) / Standard Deviation

What test yields both a verbal score and performance score?

Weschsler Adult Intelligence Scale

Calculate the z-score for a test score of 87 if the mean test score is 81.1 and standrd deviation is 11.06?

z score = (test score - mean score)/SD z score = (87-81.1)/11.06z score = 5.9/11.06z score = .533You can use a z-score chart to calculate the probability from there.

Which is better a score of 92 on a test with a mean of 71 and a standard deviation of 15 or a score of 688 on a test with a mean of 493 and a standard deviation of 150?

score of 92

If four pupils worked out that their mean score in a test was 67. When Anna joined the other four pupils their mean score went up to 73. What was Anna's score in the test?


What is the z-score for a test score of 110?

In order to know the z-score, given a test score, you must also know the mean and the standard deviation. Please restate the question.

What is the minimum score you can get on a taks test?

sandra scores on the first 4 test were 87,92,76 and 89 what is the minimum score sandra nees to make on the fifth test so that her mean test score is at least 85? explain

What must Alice score on her fourth test to keep her mean score at 90 or higher?

90...depends on what her test scores were before.

Ano ang kahulugan ng mean score?

men performances score sa test

What do your SAT scores mean?

it means your score fore a test

What does a score of 141 on an IQ test mean?

Very smart.

On the first three test Kurt scored 75 82 84what must his score be on the fourth test for his mean score to be 85?


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