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5 feet 7 inches.

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Q: You want to know how much 170 cms height in feet?
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What is the perfect height for men in inches?

The perfect height for men in centimetres is 185 or in feet is 6,07. If you want to know, for women is 170 centimetres or 5,6 feet.

What is the average height and weight of a seal?

Well if you want to know about the animal that lives in snow and sleet the tallness of them is 5 feet.

You want to know your height in cm's .my height is 5.7?

If you're 5'7", your height would be 170.18 in centimeters.

How much is 14 yards?

I don't know what measurement you want it translated into but a a yard is 3 feet so 14 yards is 42 feet.

You want to know height increase exersices?


What is the height of a piranha?

i don't know, why cant u people answer it! i want to know!

Cubic feet equation?

LENGTH multiplied by WIDTH then MULTIPLIED by HEIGHT Each of the above three must be measured in FEET if you want CUBIC FEET.

What is the Olympic long jump record for women. I am usually jumping 5.6 feet. I want to know if I would ever have a chance.?

ur height is 6'11 at d age of 10?

A 6th grade girls height?

You want to know what an average 6th grade height is? Everyone is different but usually 6th graders are from 4'8" to 5'4"... I was 5 feet in 6th grade and I was always average when it came to hieght. I hope this helped. :-)

What is inside height of a 10 12 pitch roof?

We would have to know the wall height and how far from the exterior wall the point in your ceiling is. Example - you have a 8' wall and you want to know the ceiling height at the middle of the room 10' in from the exterior wall. So you would have 96" +(10 x 10) = 196" or 16 feet 4".

How much dirt is in a hole that is 19 feet by 6 feet by 1.5 feet in cubic feet?

There is no dirt in the hole, otherwise it would not be a hole! If you want to know how much dirt is required to fill the hole, or, equally, how much dirt has been removed to make the hole, that is the volume of the hole itself, then: The volume of the hole is length x width x height. The height is in inches, so must be converted to feet first: 12 in = 1 ft ⇒ 1.5 in = 1.5 ÷ 12 ft The volume of the hole is then: 19 ft x 6 ft x 1.5 ÷ 12 ft = 14.25 cu ft

You have site in triangle shape but you want to know how much sq feet is that site how to calcute this site?

You multiply the length by the height then divide by two, if you are actually finding the whole area. The above answer is correct, but here is the formula if you need it: A = 1/2xbxh or A = bxh/2 where x is multiplying, b = base, h = height, and A = area.

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