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Contact your local police department and give them the serial number. The Police can check on the stolen gun list maintained by the BATFE. If the gun is stolen, the Police will conficate the piece and begin investigation of how it was acquired.

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Q: You want to know if a gun is stolen by the serial number?
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German deriringer and want to know if its stolen?

If it was reported to a law enforcement agency, it should be in NCIC. Take it to your local police and have them run the serial number.

How do you know if you bought a stolen gun at a flea market I bought four at a good price and I do not want to get in any trouble.?

Have the local police run the serial number.

Yamaha serial number?

i want to know my motorcycle model and this the serial number of it (sh04j-002099)

If purchasing a bike why would someone want to know the serial number?

The serial number is the bike's version of your car's VIN. With it you can check if the bike has been reported stolen. For high-end bikes it can also be used to track original point of sale, and maybe even first owner.

How get rid of diamonds serial number?

You might not want to remove a serial number from a diamond. It strictly identifies the stone and its ownership can be traced. If the stone is stolen or acquired by other illegal means and want to camouflage it so that it cannot be identified by its serial number, you may be able to find a dodgy jeweler who is willing to recut the stone, which lessens its value, but will remove the serial number.

How do you check a guns serial number?

If you mean check for stolen, there is no data base open to the public. Ask you local law enforcement if they will check the serial number agaisnt the NCIC database. They will want to have the firearm when they check it.

How do i find out a stolen phones serial number?

Want to keep a record of your mobile serial number in case it is stolen? There are two methods. With the phone switched on dial *#6# and your phones serial number will be displayed on the screen! The less technical way to find your phones serial number is to turn your phone off, remove the battery cover, remove the battery and look at the case under the battery for the number. For quick access, maybe you could store it in your phone.

What is the value of a 22 Marlin Model 56 in great shape with no serial number?

Probably no more the $90 since it lacks a serial number. It may be looked on as possibly stolen and many gun dealers want no part of it.

Can anyone give me information about a colt police positive .32 with serial number 128899?

You can find a serial number table at What do you want to know?

What is the value of a grand-duche de Luxembourg has 10 on it serial 254328?

I want to know the same thing, mine has a different serial number. my serial number is A185568

What is a Colt M1911A1 US Army pistol serial?

what is your question ??? if you want to know when it was made you must furnish the serial number.....

Ruger 22 cal. single six serial number 508406?

What do you want to know.

Can you find out if the hand gun i have is stolen using serial number?

No- because that is in a database not open to the public. However, a law enforcement officer CAN access that information. They will want to have the firearm in hand when they do it, in the event it IS stolen, they will return it to the rightful owner.

If you have the police run ther serial number of a gun you want to buy and its stolen do you have to turn in the seller?

I think you will find that the police will confiscate the gun and ask you WHO sold it to you///

How can you get the serial number for a JC Higgins bolt action clip feed that was stolen?

You should written it down when you bought it. If you bought it from a dealer in the past few years, he should have recorded the serial number in his "bound book" when you purchased it and may be able to find it (but he certainly won't want to dig out his old records, so you should at least know when you bought it).

Winchester model 70 30-06 sprg serial number 272847?

What do you want to know?

If you had a gun stolen and you want to check updates at and you run your stolen guns serial number will it throw a red flagg to fdle?

If you had your weapon(s) stolen and were able to supply the serial number(s) to law enforcement you don't have to bother following it up yourself. BELIEVE me - if any weapon was recovered, found, or turned in, it WILL be run against the database. YOU don't have to do any checking of any kind yourself - you will be notified when or if it is recovered.

Model 12 Remington rifle with serial number 700016 you want to know how old it is?

Manufactured in 1926

Colt 45 Gun Serial Number 73035G70?

If you want to know when it was made, you need to call Colt.

What would you want the troops to know about you?

Name Rank and serial Number if those troops are enemy troops.

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Not certain what you want to know about the gun. It is a Citori made in 1979.

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TO-30 serial numbers 60001 thru 72679 were produced in 1951. Wally P.

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The age of an Ithaca can easily be determined from the serial number. What is it?