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look on right side of gun just above trigger to see if any dates stamped on it. I have one that has 4 dates stamped on it ranging from dec 15 1891 aug 1 1896 aug 14 1900 to may 27 1902

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Q: You would like to know how old your nitro hunter shotgun is 45911?
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Is it safe to shoot a nitro hunter shotgun?

Your best bet would be to take it to a gunsmith for a professional appraisal.

How old would a king nitro shotgun with the serial number 2397 be?

70-100 years

In what year was Nitro Hunter serial number 55664 made?

Nitro in the name would imply smokeless powder, so the earliest would be shortly after 1900. Could have been as recent as 1945.

Model and GA of shotgun serial no 76045PW152?

This would be a 12 ga. BPS (Hunter model) pump shotgun made in 1984

What year was a Lefever Nitro Special Serial Number 1321xx made?

I would say that with the serial number 1321XX,we are looking at your shotgun being made by ithaca(who made the lefever nitro special) in 1924.

What is a new nitro Washington Shotgun?

Assuming you're talking about who the company transitioned into, and that would be Savage Stevens firearms.

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Where can you get a parts breakdown of a lefever nitro special double barrel 12 ga shotgun made by the lefever arms co of Ithaca ny?

To get a parts breakdown you would need to take the shotgun into a gun store. The store will be able to provide an estimate, or order new parts.

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Who would buy a belgium browning a5 12ga shotgun with serial?

Gun shop, pawn shop, want ad, for sale ad, hunter, collector.

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Who made a double barrel shotgun with the marks of a lion and under that the letters pv?

I would assume what you are looking at are Belgian proof marks. Which, of course, tell the country of origin and not the manufacture. The P.V by the way implies that the firearm has been nitro proofed.

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What is value of Stevens 335 shotgun?

The value of a Stevens 335 shotgun would actually be dependent upon a number of factors. Some of these factors would be the age and condition of the shotgun.

What would provide no water soluble or fat-soluble vitamins?


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Would an old Stevens 522 12 ga pump in 95 condition be safe to shoot?

yes your Stevens shotgun should be safe to shoot,I'm not saying run nitro mags in it but it should function fine with high brass game loads.....they are a well built shotgun designed by John Browning..if your ever looking to sell it i'd be

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