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Contact the court immediately and ask for the custody order to be ammended based on the argument that you son's emotional welfare is being threatened. You ex may see nothing wrong with kids sharing the same bed, but if you think it's an issue - and it seems to be with your son - get the visitation changed. If that doesn't work or takes too long, you can contact your local dept. of child welfare (or dept. of children and families) and ask them to conduct an immediate investigation.

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Q: Your 11 year old son doesn't want to go to visitation with his father because he makes him sleep in the same bed with his 12 year old half sister and 9 year old half brother what can you do?
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Yes, visitation can be stopped if the father has no home.

If a father doesnt want to pay child support and signs over his rights can he still get visitation?

No, but he can't. see link

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