how to be shorter?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: How to be shorter?
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Are days shorter in winter?

Yes, the days in the wintertime are shorter and shorter.

Are there exercizes to get shorter?

No, there is no such as exercises to get shorter.

Is it the shorter the frequency the shorter the wavelenth?

No. The higher the frequency the shorter the wavelength, v=fw.

What is the birth name of Kate Shorter?

Kate Shorter's birth name is Kathleen Shorter.

Which is shorter 5ft or 61in?

5ft is shorter

Which is shorter than a meter?

A micrometre is shorter.

Is 44mm longer or shorter than 5cm?


Which is shorter railways or motorways?

railways r shorter

Which is shorter nanosecond to microsecond?

A nanosecond is shorter than a microsecond. There are one thousand nanoseconds in a microsecond.

How do you use the word shorter in a sentence?

'Shorter', as an adjective and adverb, can be used in multiple ways: "I am shorter than you. " "Lisa was shorter than Harold: He was 6 feet tall while she was only five foot six." "The candle burned shorter."

Who is the shorter Jedward?

John Grimes is the shorter one Jedward

What is shorter an essay or a speech?

a speech is shorter than essay