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An even number can be a multiple of an odd number OR an even number.

An odd number cannot be a multiple of an even number.

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Q: Is even number multiple of odd number?
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Can a common multiple of two even numbers be odd?

No. A multiple of an even number cannot be odd.

Is 53 odd or even number?

odd - even numbers are a multiple of 2.

Is 77 and 27 a multiple of 8?

27 cannot be a multiple of 4 because 27 is an odd number and 4 is an even number. No odd number can be a multiple of an even number, only even numbers can be multiples of even numbers.

Are the multiples of an odd number always odd?

No, only every other multiple is odd. Example: 3,6,9,12,15,18

Is the gcf of an odd number and an even number is always even?

It CAN'T be even, since the number 2 is not a factor of the odd number. "Even" means that a number is a multiple of 2.

What is an even number?

An even number is a multiple of two and an odd number is not.An even number is an integer that is divisible by two.

Why is it when you multiple a number by two always an even number?

It's just one of those laws of maths. It can be used as an indication to whether the answer could be right. It's similar to even + even = even Even + odd = odd Odd + odd = even

Is 117 a multiple of 4?

No, you cannot have an odd number when times by an even number.

Are all odd LCM answer always the multiple of each number?

LCM stands for "least common multiple." By definition, they are multiples of each number, odd or even.

Im thinking of a number .my number is a multiple of 4 is it even or odd?

All multiples of 4 are even.

How do you decide when a number is even or odd?

It is even if it is a multiple of 2 Or it will divide by 2 with no remainder

Why are composite numbers even and prime odd?

Any even number is a multiple of two.