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They are used to test hypothesis such as the mean is some value where you do not know if otherwise the mean is less or more.

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Q: What are the benefits of a two tailed test?
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Is a Two tailed test upper or lower tailed?

A two-tailed test is both, upper and lower tailed!

The advantages of One-tailed and two-tailed test?

The choice of one-tailed or two-tailed tests follows the logic of the hypothesis that is being tested! The one-tailed test, if appropriate, will be more powerful.

What is the difference between one-tailed and two-tailed test?

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What is a 0.1 for a two-tailed test?

Alpha or significance level is usually 0.1 or 0.05 for a 2-tailed test.

What is the difference between one tailed test and two tailed test?

· One-tailed test looks at the probability that the sample mean was either "greater than", or "less than or equal to" · Two-tailed test, sees if two means are different from each other (ie from different populations), or from the same population and tries to establish "equal to" or "not equal to

What statistical test is used to find out if there is a significant mean difference between two split groups on a dependent variable measured on an interval or ratio scale?

You could use a two-tailed t-test. You would use a two-tailed test instead of a one-tailed test because you are not hypothesizing which direction the difference will be. If you hypothesize before hand the direction of change, you could use a one-tailed test.

What is the Z value for 90 percent confidence interval estimation?

The answer depends on whether the test is one-tailed or two-tailed.One-tailed: z = 1.28 Two-tailed: z = 1.64

What is 0.1 for a two tailed test?

The answer depends on the distribution under consideration.

Is the hypothesis that men and women use the Internet approximately the same number of hours per week a one-tailed test or a two-tailed test?

Two-tailed test Hi: µM-µF = 0 Because if it turns out that Hi: µM-µF ≠ 0, the difference may be greater or smaller

What is the critical z value of a two-tailed test with alpha 0.005?


What two critical values of t from the t-distribution would you use to have 99 percent probability -area- for accepting the null hypothesis if you had df8?


What is the advantage of a one-tailed test?

A one tailed test allows you to test a one-sided hypothesis.