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Q: What are the two major of measurement?
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What are the two major system of measurement used in cooking?

Weight and Volume

What level of measurement is what is your major?

That would be a nominal measurement.

What is two imperial units of linear measurement?

What is two imperial unit of linear measurement

What is line standard and end standard?

line measurement- distance between two lines end measurement- distance between two faces

Length is the measurement of (blank) between two points?

Length is the measurement of distance between two points.

Who were the major contributors to making up units of measurement?


Major disaster because of wrong measurement?

Wrong measurement usually leads to wastage of resources. Similarly wrong measurement usually leads to the completion of a shoddy work.

Two major system of standard units use in measurement?

The metric system and standard, or English, system are two sets of standards that are used for quantifying weights and measures.

What two things must be included into a measurement?

The value of the measurement and the units used.

What major Mistakes were made bacause of incorrect measurement?

yo dog

What are Major dates in history of measurement?

the second Tuesday of last week

Inches to liters?

Impossible to answer ! Inches is a measurement of distance - Litres is a measurement of volume. The two are not interchangeable.