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Eighteen and one quarter

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Q: What is two plus sixteen one quarter?
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What is sum of sixteen and one-third plus sixteen and one-third?

32 and two-thirds

What is the sum of sixteen and two-thirds plus sixteen and two-thirds?

thiry three and one third

What is half plus one third plus two and one quarter?


Can you factor eighty one c squared plus seventy two c plus sixteen?


What is one and one half plus three fourths?

Two and one quarter

One over two plus one over four plus one over eight plus one over sixteen equals?

15 over 16

What is one and one half plus two and one quarter?

Three and three fourths

What is quarter plus a quarter?

A quarter plus a quarter is a half. In U.S. coins, two quarters equals 50 cents.

What does two and three quarters plus one quarter equal?


What is a number sentence for two and one half plus two and three fourths?

five and a quarter

What is four and three over four plus three and six over sixteen?

two and one eighth

What is four and three fourths plus two and one half simplified?

It is seven and a quarter.

What is three eights plus 7 eights?

It is ten eights, or one and two eights or one and a quarter or 1.25 as a decimal.

Answer for -16t plus 32t?

Negative sixteen plus thirty two is 16. When a number is negative, subtract the negative number from the positive one to find the answer.

How many beats does 2 quarter notes get that are connected?

In music, two quarter notes tied together get the same amount of beats as a half note: two beats. If one quarter note is one beat, and you put together two, you get two beats. Remember, one sixteenth plus one sixteenth equals one eighth. One eighth plus one eighth equals one quarter. One quarter plus one quarter equals one half. One half plus one half equals a whole. The same goes for rests, and later on you will probably get some thirty-second notes or sixty-fourth notes. You just go the opposite direction: two sixty-fourth notes equal a thirty-second note. Two thirty-second notes equal a sixteenth note. And then you go to eighths, quarters, halves, and wholes. I hope this helps!

What does two-fourths plus two-eigths equal?

two fourths equals one half two eighths equals one quarter one half plus one quarter is three quarters. Or, two fourths equals four eighths four eighths plus two eighths equals six eighths six eighths equals three quarters.

What is one quarter plus two thirds?

3/12 + 8/12 = 11/12

What is two fifths and one quarter?

If you mean 2/5 plus 1/4 then it is 13/20

What is two thirds multiplied by one quarter?

Two thirds multiplied by one quarter is one sixth.

You have two American coins that total 30 cents. One of them is not a quarter. What are the two coins?

A quarter and a nickel, it says one is not a quarter so the other has to be a quarter.

What is one sixth plus two thirds plus one quarter?

Expressed as a mixed number, 1/6 + 2/3 + 1/4 = 1 1/12 or one and one twelfth.

What is one quarter of a pound times two?

One quarter of a pound times two is one half pound.

Two coins make up 30 cents one of them is not a quarter what are the two coins?

A quarter and a nickel. One is not a quarter, the other one is.

What is one quarter of two hundred thousand?

One quarter of two hundred thousand is fifty thousand.

How can you rewrite 4 quarter notes?

Four quarter notes is equal to one whole note (the empty note head with no stem). One whole note is held for four beats. Four quarter noes is also equal to two half notes (the empty note head with a stem). Each half note is equal to two quarter notes. To put it another way: one half note is worth twice the value of a quarter note. Four quarter notes is also equal to eight eighth notes (the filled note heads with flags). Each eighth note is worth half of the value of one quarter note. Four quarter notes is also equal to sixteen sixteenth notes (filled note heads with two flags). Each sixteenth note is worth half of the value of the eighth note or one fourth of one quarter note. Those are the most common divisions of four quarter notes. You can also mix and match those divisions; for example, four quarter notes takes up the same amount of time as one half note plus one quarter note plus two eighth notes. There are hundreds of thousands of configurations that could rewrite the value of those four quarter notes, which is just one reason why there is so much variation in the types of music it is possible to write!