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The English system and the metric system are two completely different standards of measurement. Therefore, it is important that you have some sort of conversion chart available to help you when trying to make a measurement in a system that you are not familiar with. You don't want to make a mistake when converting between either system.

Most Countries Use Kilometers Instead Of Miles

If you are an American traveling through France, you are not going to see signs written telling you how many miles you are from Paris. You will have to make that conversion on your own. Hopefully, you have decided to bring a conversion chart with you that will help you determine how far from a certain city you are. If you are from France, your trip to America will be easier with this type of chart as well.

Height Can Sound Strange In Meters As Opposed To Feet

It may be weird to hear that someone is only three meters tall. However, you can rest assured that there are not a bunch of midgets running around London. Instead, you will see on your conversion chart that this person is of a height that is normally seen in human beings. The same thing goes when discussing weight in kilograms instead of pounds.

How Fast Am I Going On The Highway?

Understanding how many kilometers per hour you are going on the road in Canada can save you from a traffic ticket. While many cars will display both miles per hour and kilometers per hour, you may be so used to using one form of measurement that you may not realize that you are speeding. However, the police officer may not let you off with a warning.

Always make sure that you have a way to convert between metric and English standards. If you do not, make sure to ask a friend if you have done your math right before making any assumptions about how people live in other countries. You may look foolish if you do not.

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Q: When Is A Metric Conversion Chart Useful?
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One can find a printable metric conversion chart on most rulers or in calculators that include manual books with conversion charts. Printable metric conversion charts can be found in most encyclopedias well -- they can be photocopied.

Where can one find a metric conversion chart?

There are many places to find a metric conversion chart. The easiest place is Google Images. On Google Images, there are many charts from different sources and websites and books online.

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180 ml. in the metric conversion chart, ml would be the same as mg.

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The conversion between km and hm is given in metric chart .By conversion table the relation between hm and km is given as . 1 km =10 hm.

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Metric to English conversion is a good thing to practice.

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