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Take the two numbers as X and Y. The mean of the two numbers would be (X+Y)/2 which will be equal to 24. So : (X+Y)/2 = 24 X+Y=48 - This is equation no. 1 The difference between the numbers is X-Y which is equal to 8: X-Y=8 - This is equation no. 2 Adding the two simultaneous equations above would give: X+Y + X-Y=48 + 8 2X=56 So: X=28 Substitute this in any one of the above equations: Equation no. 1 - 28 + Y=48 Y=20 So the two numbers are 28 and 20.

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Q: Find Two Numbers with a mean of 24 and a difference of 8. Use simultaneous equations. Full working please?
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