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Points A B and C are collinear How many lines are determined by A B and C

Which pairs of angles are formed by two intersecting lines

What kind of lines are in the same plane and are not parallel

Which of these is determined by three points that are not on the same line

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Q: Which of the angles in this picture corresponds with 2?
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Which of the angles in this picture correspond with 2?

6 A+

Which of the angles in this picture correspond with angle 2 3?

I can't tell. I'm having trouble seeing the picture.

What is a figure with 4 right angles and 2 sides of the same length?

It is a rectangle. Just picture it. 4 right angles and 2 sides that are the same length.

What picture is have one pair of acute angles one pair of obtuse angles two parallel sides?

If the 2 acute angles are equal and the 2 obtuse angles are equal then it could be a 4 sided quadrilateral in the form of a parallelogram or a rhombus

Show picture of gold coin with angles on both sides?

I need angles both sides of a picture, where I can fix a picture of princess Karen H. Chaer

Which of the angles in this picture is vertical to 8?

None of them.

Where are angles found?

where to find angles? you can find angles anywhere in your house here are some examples: 1.picture frame 2.calculator symbols 3.way a laptop sits like an L

Can you write a two column proof given angles 2 and 3 are congruent and prove angles 1 and 4 are congruent?

Without a visual or more information, I'm guessing that the picture is of angles 1 and 2 that are consecutive (share an angle side) and a separate picture of consecutive angles 3 and 4. With that said: 1) angle 2 congruent to angle 3................1) given 2) angle 1 is supplementary to angle 2....2) If angles are next to each other --> supps angle 3 is supplementary to angle 4 3) angle 1 congruent angle 4..............3) If supps to congruents angles ---> congruent

Do a circle have angles?

A circle is a special type of geometrical figures. Each point on a circle corresponds to different angle.

Why do you think the person that created the vertical angles in your picture did so?

Nobody created any angles in my picture so I don't know of any reason for them doing so - not for why they did not!

What is the relation between the angles and sides of a triangle?

In one triangle, the largest side corresponds to the largest angle and vice versa.

Pablo Picasso's Cubism?

It is when a picture is taken from different angles.

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