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Generally speaking the flasher unit is on the fuse box.

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Q: Where exactly is the electronic flasher on a 1999 ford escort. i could not find it?
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Why does a 1998 Ford Escort have a Ticking sound under dash?

Could be a bad turn signal flasher

Why do your 4-way flashers come on when you use your turn signal on a 97 Ford Escort?

Could be a bad bulb or socket - try removing one bulb at a time to check Could be a bad switch in steering column Could be a bad flasher

Could a bad electronic flasher cause a light to stay on even with the car off?

You might have a bulb that is burnt out which will cause your signal light or even tail light to stay on

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Does a Pontiac Sunfire have a flasher?

Yes and it may have 2 flasher relays. I could tell you if you had listed the year.

Does anyone make a louder flasher for a Subaru Outback?

Not that I have seen. However, if you need the audio reminder that your signals are on, you could wire a buzzer from Radio Shack in parallel with the flasher circuit. Should be relatively simple once you locate and identify the wires going to the flasher. A Subaru service manual (less than $10 in electronic format on eBay) will be very helpful in identifying the wires you want on a wiring diagram and for component location. Good luck.

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Chevy cavalier 1990 the turning signals dont work What can it be?

It COULD be a blown fuse. Check the fuse panel. It COULD by a blown flasher unit. If the fuse is OK, change the flasher.

Why might the brake lights and emergency flashers not work on a 1999 Chevy Suburban if all bulbs and fuses and the flasher relay are ok?

The turn signal switch in the colum could be bad COULD B the TurnSignal switch OR the Flasher 4 the Emergency FLASHERS (because there is 2(two) Flashers & the Brake light Switch on the Brake pedal could B Bad.(turnsignals Have there OWN Flasher) the emergency flasher switch has 3 electrical contacts.sometimes they overheat and melt into the red flasher switch deforming the whole switch.unfortunatly the whole blinker and flasher needs to be replaced.

What if the turn signals do not work inside or out on a 1998 Montero Sport the fuses are good could it be a flasher or something else also where is the flasher located?

If both sides are out as well as the hazard lights then the flasher relay is suspect.

What causes signal lights on my 2004 Chevy Classic not to work?

Could be flasher Common problem on this vehicle Flasher is part of the hazard warning module