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23 hundredths

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Q: Decimal numbers in words 0.23
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Decimal numbers in words 12.9?

write the following decimal numbers in words .0087945

How would you write 0.23 in decimal numbers and words?

0.23 in decimal = 0.23 0.23 in words = twenty-three hundredths

What is the correct way to write out decimals in words?

When writing a decimal out in words, the numbers before the decimal are written as if they are whole numbers, and the numbers after the decimal are read as digits. Therefore, for example, 150.35 is read one hundred and fifty point three five.

How would write 12.9 in numbers decimal numbers and words?

12.9 IS a decimal number. It is twelve and nine tenths.

When did Portsmouth area telephone numbers change to 023?

Portsmouth changed its area code from 01705 to 023 during the year 2000.At the same time, the six-digit local numbers in use in Portsmouth were prefixed with '92' to make them eight digits long. For example, (01705) 822251 changed to (023) 9282 2251.Southampton also uses the area code 023 and you can dial between the two cities without using the code. However, each city officially has its own block of numbers:Local numbers beginning with "9" are for Portsmouth. That's numbers from (023) 9000 0000 to 9989 9999.Local numbers beginning with "8" are for Southampton. That's numbers from (023) 8000 0000 to 8999 9999.

What is higher .023 or 0.08?

Just compare the first decimal digit (the first digit after the decimal point), since the integer part is the same. If (as in this case) the first decimal digit is the same, you continue comparing the second decimal digit, etc.

How do you write the decimal numbers 0.0000001 in words?

One ten-millionth.

How do you write words as decimal numbers thirty and twenty-hundredths?


How do you write the decimal numbers in words 0.0001?

One ten thousandths.

What are the four forms of rational numbers?

Decimal, percent, fraction, and words

How do you write the decimal numbers in words 0.014?

This way: Fourteen thousandths.

Can you compare any decimal numbers the way you alphabetize words?

Yes, you can.

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