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15/99 = 5/33

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Q: How do you convert 0.15 with horizontal line over the 15 into a fraction?
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How do you write seven over forty as a fraction?

7 on top, horizontal line (__) in the middle, 40 on the bottom

What does the medical abbreviation dot over horizontal line over vertical line mean?

The marks you're describing represent the number 1 in a prescription. The horizontal line and dot are to help prevent reading errors.

How do you convert 42 to a fraction?

You can convert any whole number to a fraction by putting it over one.

What do you do if your fraction is repeating?

If you're asking how to write such a fraction, simply take it to the third repitition and place a short horizontal line (bar) over the repeated digits to note that in fact it is repeating. exp. ____ 3.9999

What does W with a horizontal line over it indicate?

w with a line over means 'which'. c with a line over means 'with'.

What does a horizontal line over a decimal number mathematics?

It is an indication that the string of digits under the horizontal line repeats for ever.

What is 70000 as a fraction in simplest form?

To create a fraction you need a numerator and a denominator - the numerator is the number above the line, and the denominator is the number below the line. 70000 is an integer - to convert it to a fraction in the simplest form simply put it over 1 = 70000/1

How do you write 5482 in roman?

There are 2 ways towrite it; MMMMMCDLXXXII ...OR... V(with a horizontal line over it)CDLXXXII. A horizontal line over a numeral multiplies it by 1,000. V is five, and with the line over it becomes 5,000

How would you convert 0.3 into a fraction?

if 0.3 is in the tenth place you place the three over ten and that is the way you convert it into a fraction.

Convert 0.747 to a fraction?

747 over 1000.

How do you convert 0.23 into a fraction?

23 over 100

How do you convert 1.57 to a fraction?

To convert 1.57 to a fraction, put 57 over 100 after the 1. 1.57 as a fraction is 1 57/100. It is in simplest form.