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Recall that domain is the input of a function, and the range is the output. If the value for the input (domain) represents the height of a person, it would not be reasonable to use a negative number for the input because this would indicate a negative height. That would not be realistic or negative. Some events would be reasonable or realistic if a negative number would be used as a valid time input and some events would not. For example, a negative time may represent the time before blastoff, but a negative time would not be realistic if it was used to represent the time you spent on homework last week. Only zero or a positive number would be realistic, therefore the reasonable domain would be non-negative numbers (positive numbers and zero).

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Q: What is meant by a reasonable domain and range?
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What is meant by the term domain and range in maths?

Quite simply, the domain is the input and the range is the output of a function. If your using a typical X-Y axis graph, it may be useful to view the X axis as where the domain lies. The Y axis is where the range lies. Y= f(x) or Range = f(domain)

What is meant by the domain and range of a relation?

A relationship is a way of associating members of one set to members of another set (the two sets could be the same). The first of these sets is the domain and the second is the range.

What is the domain and range of trigonometry functions?

No domain no range

What is the domain of the range?

The domain and range are two different sets associated with a relationship or function. There is not a domain of a range.

How do you graph range and domain?

You do not graph range and domain: you can determine the range and domain of a graph. The domain is the set of all the x-values and the range is is the set of all the y-values that are used in the graph.

How can you determine the domain and range of a rational number?

A number does not have a range and domain, a function does.

Are the domain and range values of a sequence positive integers?

The domain is, but the range need not be.

What is domain and range of Area of a circle with radius r pirsquare?

The domain and range are (0, infinity).Both the domain and the range are all non-negative real numbers.

Range in math terms?

The range is the y value like the domain is the x value as in Domain and Range.

What is the range of y equals 8x-3?


What is meant by domain host?

it is meant by predominanat host

How do you get the domain and range?

The domain is the the set of inputs. (x) The range is the set of oututs. (y)

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