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Germination factor

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2009-04-12 17:47:24
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Q: Difference between net sown area and gross crop area?
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What is the difference between crop yield and crop production?

yield is per area, production is total (at least according to FAO)

What is difference between crop harvest and crop produce?

A crop harvest is also referred to as crop yield which is a measurement of how much is produced per area. Crop produce is the amount of crops that are yielded as a whole.

What is the difference between a cereal crop and a pulse?


What is difference between crop and plant physiology?

what is the difference betweencrop physiology and plant physiology

What is the difference between crop ecology and ecological crop geography?

ecology refers to the interations between the plant and the environment,and ecological crop geography is more concerned in enviromental factors and the management

Describe and explain the difference in muscularity between the crop and the gizzard?


What is the difference between cane sugar and other sugars?

The difference between cane sugar and other sugar is that cane sugar comes from sugar cane, which is a different plant crop as opposed to the beet crop.

What is the difference between subsistence crops and cash crops?

a substance crop is freshly grown wash and eaten , a cash crop is applied with chemicals

What is the difference between a cash crop and a staple crop?

a cash crop is where food can be exported into differeent countires when staple crop is where it has to be in one place because alot of people eat that certain crops's food there in that country

What is the difference between a crop a whip and a bat?

A crop is a short stick, a whip is a long snake like tool and a bat is a short thick stick.

What is the difference between corporate and mixed crop farms?

I am stuck on this too. Someone please help!

What are two differences between the Maya and arawaks?

The mayans main crop was Maize (corn) and the Arawaks main crop was Cassava. Hope this helped... This was a social difference.

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