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A galvanometer is an instrument used for detecting electric currents.

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Q: Function of galvanometer
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What is the function of galvanometer?

To measure electric current intensity.

What are the function of an galvanometer?

is an instrument used to measure electric current

What is the difference between the construction of a moving coil galvanometer and a ballistic galvanometer?

What is the difference between the construction of a moving coil galvanometer and a ballistic galvanometer?

What is a NULL Point of a galvanometer?

Its a point on the galvanometer where the galvanometer shows no deflection as no current passes through it.

What is unstable galvanometer?

Galvanometer that cannot die out oscillations instantaneously or quickly is called unstable galvanometer.

What is galvanometer and how a galvanometer converted into an ammeter?

A galvanometer is a type of ammeter an instrument for detecting and measuring electric current. A galvanometer can be converted into ammeter by connecting resistance in parallel with it.

Does a galvanometer have a reversed current or not?

The current is reversed in a galvanometer

Why tangent galvanometer is called tangent galvanometer?

because in tangent galvanometer earth magnetic field and magnetic field of magnet inside galvanometer are perpendicular to each other

What does a galvanometer measure?

galvanometer is a device use to measure current.

Principle of multimeter?

Based on the principle of the D'Arsonval galvanometer, the main function of a multimeter is measuring a circuit's voltage, current, and resistance.

How you convert galvanometer into ammeter in detail?

By attaching a resistance in parallel connection with the galvanometer. Or when a low resistor connected in parallel with galvanometer ,the galvanometer is converted in ammeter. and the resistor is called shunt resistance.

How do you convert galvanometer to ohmmeter?

To convert a galvanometer to an ohmmeter an external battery is attached in series with galvanometer. This will drive a current through an external unknown resistance and measure the resulting current using the galvanometer.

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